GoogleBot Insanity!

OMG, so Googlebot has been pulling data like crazy from my website!! Over 10 gigs this month! Now, there’s only 94 MEGS of information on here, so what the hell they are doing pulling 10 gigs I have no idea! I’ve asked my host to block them for now because I’m only allowed 5 gigs per month… Bastards!

So yeah, been having a TON of fun! Went horseback riding yesterday with Oksana, and then today I went up to Ames for the day….

I LOVE Ames! I miss it so much… And all the HOT HOT boys that belong there. OMG!

OH! last night I went out with Angel! That was SO MUCH FUN! I miss that girl so much.

Tonight Justin and I are going to frathouse/redlight. Hopefully I’ll meet up with Jed too. I’m kinda pissed that I haven’t seen him yet this week. Tomorrow I’m not sure if I’m going to party with the BSA, I can’t find my Brotherhood sash, so I won’t be able to go to the party I want to hit. 🙁 So instead I’m going to go out with Zach and gang. so that’ll be fun.

I read an AMAZING review of the IS250/350… I can’t WAIT to test drive one!

Short entry. Adios!

Aug 07, 2001 #2

Aug 7 #2, [Bob Seger, "We’ve Got Tonight"]

There’s alot of hot guys in Ames. I mean _alot_ of _really_ hot guys up

there. I’m going to like that aspect of things. lol. My mom and I just drove

up there to look at an apartment. I really hate driving with her in the

car, everytime I come within 500 feet of another vehicle she’s like, "Back

off, you don’t need to be that close" and blah blah blah. Another thing

is that she’s constantly telling me to "Slow down" I was doing

60 in a 55, and she said, "You don’t need to be going 60." And

everytime the person infront of us puts thier brakes on, she goes "AHHH,

SLOW DOWN" and I mean she fucking screams. It’s like calm the fuck

down woman, Jesus.

Today I went to the GLRC with Angie and Xak. That Alijah (sp) guy was there,

he’s pretty cute. We played this one game too, it was amusing as hell. On

the way back Angie was doing like 80 all the way cause she didn’t want to

be late for work. She was late anyhow, but whatever. It works. lol.

Why can no one ever do what they say they’re going to do. I’ve made so

many plans some times, and people either, A) Don’t call like they said they

would, or B) Call and say that they can’t do what ever it was, and they

call at the last minute. It’s like, you knew for a while that you wouldn’t

be able to do it, sometimes they even know when they set things up that

they wouldn’t be able to do whatever it was, so then why do they set it

up? I really hate people that say they’ll call and then don’t though, cause

that just gets on my nerves. If they say that they’re going to call, then

they should call, even if it’s to say that they can’t make it to whatever

we had planned, it’d just be the nice thing to do, rather then letting the

person sit around waiting for them to call like they said they would. Grrr.

Sometimes people just realy annoy me.

I finished that erotic story that I started yesterday. I’ve had a couple

people read it and they said it was pretty good. I don’t really like the

way that it turned out cause I couldn’t think of a good opening. And towards

the end I just got bored, so I flew though the ending of it. But there’s

som egood things in it. I submitted it to Nifty, so we’ll see if it get’s

put up. I should know in about a week or so.

My dad bitched at me today about not getting my car fixed. He was complaining

cause I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I mean, I don’t have

the money to do anything with it right now, and yet they won’t help me out

with it. They won’t help me pay for it, or help me find somewhere that can

help me fix it, they won’t even cosign a loan, so how the hell am I going

to get one if that’s what it comes to? But back to the bitching, he was

bitching cause he just paid insurance on it and bitched that if I wasn’t

going to fix it that he’d cancel the insurance, and I said that if i had

the money to fix it, I’d fix it, but I don’t and then he just went off on

a tangent about that and yeah, that went on for a while. Grrr.

I was hoping to be able to go to Adam’s tonight to help him out with his

website. Mostly cause I want to help him out, but also because I want some

personal time to talk with him. I called him about 8:45 or so, but no one

answered the phone there. I’m not really wanting to call his cell phone

though, cause I feel bad about using his minutes

For some reason in my life right now I feel kinda left out, I know I’m

not being left out, but I feel as though I am sometimes. Even if I am with

people, I feel as though I’m being left out of what’s going on with them,

there at that time. Sometimes though I really do feel as though I’m left

out of things. People will say, "Oh remember the other day when it

was me and X and Y and Z." And I’m like no, I wasn’t there. Why didn’t

you call me if you were all going out. I think this all should go back up

with the people not calling or doing stuff like they say they would.

What’s up with me and these long updates lately? It’s just been kinda random

thoughts and such. I want to go out tonight, but I don’t really want to

call anyone. I know that most people are already out doing stuff for the

night and I most likely won’t find anyone around. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just

go to Java Joes or something tonight. I also have that book that I could

read. But I’m not in the mood to read it right now. We’ll see what happens.

I’m temped to just head up to camp and see what’s going on up there, but

I bet that everyone I’d want to talk to will be gone.

Grrr. Bad times in my head.