Video Chat for AdiumX

I love Adium. I’ve been using it since June of 2005, it has the chat history of 582 contacts, and over 10,700 transcripts! (Yeah I chat a lot!). It lets me sign into all my AIM Screen names, my ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Chat and many more. It’s got a great ability to create custom actions, and tons of other features. If you haven’t used it. I highly suggest downloading it.

AdiumX Video ChatBut there’s always been one thing missing from Adium. Video Chat! Well yesterday they released a new update for it and I was frustrated at work so I took a minute to go check out all the AdiumXtras. Ive checked them out before but never really dug into what all was there. I found tons of neat things there, of course. But one of them was called MeBeam Integration. This is an amazing little plug in. It lets you start a video and voice chat with pretty much anyone who has Flash!

I’ve been playing with it a little bit today and it works really well. There’s a little playing around you have to do to get it to work, but once you do it’s amazing for video. The voice is horrible tons of feedback if you don’t use headphones, but once you do it gets much better.

If you are missing your video chat, go check it out. It’s not as nice as a fully integrated solution, but it’ll work for now!