My Life

Oct 22, 2001

Oct 22, [Michelle Branch, "Second Chance"]

It’s raining. I love the rain, under certian cercumstances, this isn’t

one of them. I got stuck in Carver and it was POURING down rain. I mean

pouing, so I had to walk back to my room in the rain, I’m all soaked now.

Grrr. I like the rain when I have a nice warm fire and someone to cuddle

with, that would be when I love rain. But most of the time, like Sundays

when there’s nothing to do, or during the week when I don’t have to be out,

I like it when it rains.

Sweet Action with grades and such. I just checked my Math 150 grade, I

thought I was doing really bad in that class, but I’m actually getting a

B-. Cool beans there.

Yay for patriotism again….

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