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Oct 21, 2001

Oct 21, [BBMak, "Just Another Day"]

So my horoscope Friday said that everything would work out if I took the

first step. And it did. On my way home from school I heard an ad on the

radio of Saturn of Des Moines, so I was like, I’m sure everything there

will be out of my price range, but hey, it’s always cool to run down there

and check things out and see what they’ve got. So I went down there and

there was this sweet black 01 Saturn sittting there in the used car lot

that I loved. So I went over and checked it out, Power everything, Auto,

Moonroof, it was such a great car. But a bit out of my price range, $11,400.

But sitting next to it was a ’00 Saturn SL1 4 door, Power Windows, Poor

Door Locks, Keyless Entry, 5-speed, 30,000 Miles. Really nice car. So I

grabed the first salesman I found, expecting him to say it was in the mid

$10,000 range. They had just got it in the day before, so they didn’t have

a price on it yet, so he went inside and found out how much they wanted

for it, came out and told me it was in the mid $9,000. Which I could afford.

So I was like, "SWEET ACTION." So I test drove it, and it drove

really nice. I called up my dad and we talked about it and such, then I

went home. Got him, we went down there, filled out all the paper work, and

set up a time to pick it up on Saturday. I got it, I love this car. It drives

sooooooooo nice. I’m happy 🙂

Then after that I went out with Adam, that was good times. We went downtown

of course, and we talked and hung out with people. This weekend I relaly

didn’t get to see all that much of him, but the time that we spent together

was well spent quality time, so I’m happy about that. Angel said that we

needed to open up our lines of communication again, which we worked on some

this weekend, even though Adam might no realize it yet. But we did, I’ve

still got alot to talk to him about, and he’s got alot to learn, but we’re

working on things, and all’s good. WE’ve got a great friendship that I see

lasting for the rest of my life. He’ll hopefuly be my soulmate for my life,

and I’ll be his. It’s so great.

Saturday I spent the monring cleaning out my old car and getting it ready

to sell to my dad, that took a hell of a long time, but I must say it looks

damn nice now. I’m happy with it. Then about 2 or so Adam showed up at my

house and we hung out there and talked for a while tell he had to leave

for work and I have to leave to pick up my car. Then after work he and I

went downtown for about an hour and then we came home and just had a good

night at his house. I love spending time at his house with him and all,

but sometimes it really annoys me when he just spends the time on his computer.

I mean usually it doesn’t bother me. But sometimes I just get bored with

it, it’s not fun for me to sit there and watch him play on his computer,

there’s really nothing there for me to do. I don’t have an interactive role

in it, you know what I mean. So usually I just get up and go sit on the

couch or something, which is cool. But still. Oh well. Overall the night

there was great, we watched TV and talked and just hung out. I left there

about 3 or so and I guess his PU’s got home like 20 minutes after I left,


Today’s been a cool day as well. I got up early, well not really that early,

it was like 10 or something, but still early for not getting home tell about

3:30 and not going to be tell about 5 or so. But yeah, Adam called like

11 or so, so I went over there about 12 and we hung out tell he had to go

to work. It was good times. He really needs to get a new job, so we went

out and he filled out Job Apps. Then I went home and did my HW and such,

the paper on Bartleby that I had to write has to be the dumbest thing I’ve

ever written. Oh well. I don’t really care right now. Then about 7 I went

over to Hy-Vee and hung out with Adam on his break we talked and that to

was good times. He’s now got next Friday and Saturday off, so we’re hoping

to go down to Lenox and hang out with David on Friday and then I have to

help my G&G on Saturday. Fun times. I hope he actually askes his PU’s

to go. That’s another thing that annoyed me this weekend, Friday he wanted

to stay the night at my house, well he asked if he could, but then when

we got back to his house, he said he was too tired, yet he was awak enough

to stay up 2 more hours and watch tv at his house. And then Saturday I asked

if he wanted to stay, and he came up with some lame excuse as well, but

I mean I don’t really care. If he doesn’t want to that’s fine. Oh well whatever.

So now here I am sitting here in my dorm, wanting to not be here of course.

But that’s the way life goes. I still have to write the outline to my Bartleby

story. Thank god this assingment’s over. I wonder what the next one’s over…..

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