My Life

Oct 19, 2001

Oct 19, [No Doubt, "I’m Just A Girl"]

Yeah, that’s right "I’ve had it up to here." And I have too damnit.

The guy on Car #2 didn’t call back last night, so I’m going to call him

at work here soon. Whatever.

Soc went cool. It was a shortist class, we got out like 10 minutes early.

We took a quiz and I only missed 4, so I got 80% on it, YAY!

I have a headache, and I have a paper to write that I really don’t want

to write. I was talking with one of my class mates today and we were like,

all she does is repeat herself, and then she rips our papers apart if we

do that. Gwar at her. GWAR at the world right now.

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