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Oct 18, 2001

Oct 18, [Tonic, "If You Could Only See"]

Gwar, purchasing a car is much harder then you would think. And I’m really

pissed off at my dad right now. It’s kind of a misdirected anger, but still

I have a right to have some anger towards him. . . So I’m looking at the

two cars. I call him and say to him that I’m _going_ to get Car #2. I like

it far better then Car #1. Well he goes into this whole speal about how

Car #1 has fewer miles and it’s worth the extra $300. Well we spend about

20 minutes on the phone arguing about it and I finally just give up on it

and I say alright I’ll get Car #1. It’s worth it for the miles. He pressured

me into a car that I really don’t want. I mean it is a nice car, but still

the benifits of Car #2 outwiegh the benifit of Car #1. So I call up the

guy of Car #1 and tell him that I’ll take it. Then I call the guy from Car

#2 and tell him that I don’t want the car. Well I was up all night thinking

about it, that’s how much it bothered me. I couldn’t sleep at all. So I

thought, and thought, and thought. Today I came up with the conclusion that

I do indeed want Car #2. So I call the guy up and ask if he’d take the offer

I made earlier (which he had earlier said that he would). Well he goes and

tells me that this other guy, who’s also been looking at the car, called

this morning and said that he wanted it. I was like, FUCKING A. But yeah,

so he was like, well the guys coming to look at it this afternoon. So I’m

like, ok. Call me with what ever happens. It’s now almost 8 and he still

hasn’t called. I’ve called the other guy, the guy with Car #1 and told him

that I was having second thoughts and I’d call him later on wether I’d actually

buy it or not. But still. I’m mad at my dad for pressuring me like that,

he knew that I liked Car #2 better, and he pushed and pushed. The only thing

that I like about Car #1 is that it’s got less miles. I don’t want a car

that I’m not going to be happy with. And now, if I don’t buy a car this

weekend. I’m not going to have a car at all. Cause my dad’s selling the

van Monday and he’s buying my car. GWAR to that all. The whole mess is a

mess. I want him to call. I want Car #2. Why did I even talk to him about

what I wanted to do, it’s my car. I can make the decision myself. I’m paying

for it. Damnit. This really pisses me off. Whatever….. I guess I can look

on the bright side and say that no matter which car I get they’re both good

cars. It’s just that I’m going to regret it if I don’t get Car #2.

On another note, my room mate is a dumb ass. I came in and he was watching

TV, I sat down at my computer and started working, no music going or anything,

just sitting here working away at my stuff. Well he goes and puts on his

headphones, which I have no problem with. But then at 7 I wanted to watch

a TV show, so I turn on my TV, and start watching the show. Well about 15

minutes into it, he takes off his headphones, and he’s watching some damn

Anime thing with those annoying fucking voices, and he turns up his volume.

I’m like you ass. So I turn up my volume. He turns his up. I’m like fine

fuck this shit you ass hole, so I put on my headphones and he turns his

volume down, what the hell is up with that shit. Damnit. Fucking A. Fucking

A. Fucking A. Life really sucks right now. I just want to scream at everyone.

FUCKING A!!!!!!!!!!!!

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