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Oct 17, 2001 #2

Oct 17, #2 [Wall Of VooDoo, "Mexican Radio"]

Yeah, so you’re looking at two cars, both are identical except:

Car #1:


28,000 Miles

No Power Door Locks

No MoonRoof



$300 more then car #2

Car #2


57,000 Miles



Keyless Entry


$300 less then car #1

Which one do you buy?

It’s such a hard decision. I mean on one hand you have the stick (which

I like better), the moonroof, the keyless entry, but it’s got twice the

miles. And on the other hand you have half the miles, which means it’ll

probably last longer. Gwar. I really like the 99. Gwar again.

So Adam’s been doing volunteer work, YAY for him. I need to get back into

the volunteer work. I used to average like 100 hours a year. 90 of them

on my own free will thanks…. But yeah. I should get back into that, but

I just simply don’t have the time to. Maybe this summer I’ll put in a shit

load of time. We’ll see.

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