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Oct 17, 2001

Oct 17, [Bjork, "Venus As A Boy"]

Ok, so we’re learning about stereotypes and devieance and such in Soc class

and a while ago we took this survey, on the survey one of the questions

was what your tolerance for certian "groups" was. One of the choices

was to have that "group" of people banished from the country,

of the about 1,500 people taking Soc 134 this semester 21% of them wanted

homosexuals banished from the country. 21%, man that’s alot of people that

want us gone. Don’t you agree? That fact is just scary.

Not much relaly has been going on yet today, it’s Wed so I have the rest

of the afternoon free. I’m going to go and try and study some more Soc and

then get some Econ and Acct done. I also have to write a paper for English.

I’m contemplating waiting for this weekend to get it done, but I’d like

to have it done before the weekend. So we’ll see if I get to it or not.

Time to study….

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