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Oct 16, 2001

Oct 16, [Channel 8, "The News"]

Ok, so yet another damn long day. This morning was normal. I had Accounting

and then Bus Ad. Last class of the year for that, so that’s cool. Then I

went to work. I didn’t really do all the much today though cause well, there

wasn’t much to do. So I hung around and did a bunch of small things. This

evening I went to my Math test and that went ok. I mean it was a math test,

what do you expect, but yeah. I think I did ok on it. After my test I came

out of the building and was heading towards the bus stop and just as I turned

the corner the bus was pulling away, I was like, damnit. So I decided that

instead of waiting for 10 minutes for the next bus to just walk back to

my dorm. So I got back here and I’ve just been hanging out all evening.

I’ve been working on my Linux box again, and I’ve got a few things fixed,

but there’s still alot to get done. Oh well. There’s no Recit for math on

Thursday so that’s cool. I’m happy 🙂 That means I can work longer on Thursday,

and also study more for my Econ test. Good times there. Yep.

I’m out….

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