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Oct 15, 2001

Oct 15, [Billy Joel, "Two Thousand Years"]

Ok, so today’s been really bloody busy. Gwar. It seems as though I’ve been

on the phone all bloody day. I went to classes this morning and they were

normal. Hot guy in Soc was there, I didn’t think he was there for like half

the class and then I look down and like two rows infront of me he’s sitting

there in a baseball cap. I was like, "YAY" he’s so hot. After

that I went and got did random things, mostly called people. All kinda of

people. I’ve now got a meeting on Monday at 6pm and I have a bunch of other

meetings going on this weekend and shit. Yep. Then I had to go to Math and

it was review day. Well his reviews never help so this guy that I know and

I just sat in class and talked and did problems out of the book all hour.

I think I really understand this stuff, so I should do pretty well on this

test. I hope I do at least. After that I went and got my new parking permit

and then I went a moved my car. I now have a KICK ASS parking spot. I mean

it’s sooooo cool. Yeah. Then I went to the Econ help room and they explained

a whole bunch of stuff and I thought I understood it, but then when I came

back to my room to do it, I didn’t so I’m going to go back there Wed and

maybe Thurs before the test and get some more help. Gwar to that. This teacher

guy wants us to know how to use the equations and stuff, but the book only

gives and talks about the concepts behind them, so if you don’t understand

it when he goes over it in class, you don’t understand it at all. Graw to

that, but it doesn’t help that I’ve missed two classes now, and I’m going

to miss tomorrows too cause of the Math test. I was going to go for like

15 minutes, but then I found out that my math test is on the oppisite side

of campus from where my Econ class is, so I can’t even stay that long. I’m

just going to go hand in the assingment (which reminds me I still have to

print that off…..) And then leave for my math test.

But ok, after math I came back here and found out that Adam’s grounded

for the week. Grr to that. I hope his mom lets me come over at least. I’ll

be really sad if I can’t. :'( Then I spent like an hour on the phone with

alot of random people, went to supper, and while I was there Adam left (The

dork. I wanted to talk to him some more) and someone else had called for

me, so I called them back and talked to them for like 30 minutes and then

spent at least another 30 minutes on the phone doing follow up calls to

that one. My phone bill for this month is going to be huge. And plus my

cell phone has been ringing off the hook. Graw. Oh well

After I finally got off the phone I went and worked on my Linux box for

a while. I’ve got this program called MirrorDir that is supposed to Mirror

what’s on the FTP sever of this machine. Well I’ve got it all set up right

(on this machine at least) but for some reason MirrowDir won’t mirror it.

So gwar at that as well. I spent like 2 hours working on that. I finally

gave up and decided to work on some more math so I went through and did

some more problems and such and got them all right, so I think I’m pretty

damn prepared for this test. Yep, now that brings us up to now, I’m sitting

here writing this update trying to think of a new program to use that can

replace this on Linux. I want to convert over to Linux completely, but there’s

just a few little things that are holding me back, the no dreamweaver and

very little USB support on Linux are the two main things. Since well, my

Mouse and my webcam are both USB. I kinda need those.

Yep, so that’s what I’m doing….. It’s time for some Freshmeat

now, Laters all…..

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