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Oct 14, 2001

Oct 14, [Rent, "Seasons Of Love"]

Seasons of Love is right.

So this weekend has really sucked. Adam’s been really busy working all

weekend, and we went out both nights. Not that that sucked. I enjoyed going

out with him. But I’m sad that we didn’t get any personal time together

that we could just hang out with each other and talk about things. I miss

not being able to do that. Also Saturday night I get really pissy with him,

and I hurt his feelings and I feel really about that. I mean, he did nothing

to deserve that from me, other people had pissed me off and I was taking

it out on him, and I feel so bad for doing that to him. I love him and I

can’t beleive that I did that to him at all. Another bad thing about this

weekend is that we didn’t get to spend as much time together as we usually

do. He worked all day today, and he worked yesterday. Friday however was

really cool. We went out for his b-day, which he wasn’t really having that

great of time cause Melinda and Rob were yelling at him all day for stuff,

you can go read about that on his page here.

But then we went out to Villige Inn with Andi, Leah, and some other people

and had a really good time there, the waitress was really cool and we had

a bunch of fun. After that Leah, Andi, Adam and I went down town and hung

out tell 1am. It was good times.

This weekend has also been full of much yelling in the house. I woke up

both days to my dad yelling about random things. I didn’t really care. I’m

also trying to buy a new car and he’s being of no help in that area either.

Gwar. I don’t really want to get into that right now though.

I didn’t get to talk to Angel this weekend either, 🙁

Adam’s mom got me some cool stuff while she was in AZ, it was really cool

to hang out and talk to her for a while about that. She invited me to come

with them next year. If I can save enough money I might think about that.

But the thing is that it’s during the school year and missing a week of

school would be really bad.

I got a new HUB!!!!

Not much else really going on though….

Mandy and I went out tonight, that was really cool. We went to a movie

and hang out at Hy-Vee and talked to Adam. Good times there. Ok, I’m off

to bed now, I’m dead tired….

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