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Oct 12, 2001

Oct 12, [Depeche Mode, "East Tiger"]


Hehe. So I’m going to do an update this morning cause I won’t have any

time this afternoon to get it done. Adam got a ticket last night, that’s

so funny. I’m going to take it in this morning for him, since he was indeed

a visitor and he was parked in the visitors lot, I would think that they

would waive it. lol. Then this afternoon I’ve got a damn lunch with everyone

from Krell. Grrr. I really don’t want to go to that cause I’ll have to spend

my money on it. Gwar. Then after that if I can’t get a good parking spot

on Campus, I’m just going to skip math and go home, but if I can find a

good spot on campus, I’ll stay and go to class and such. Yep.

RENT Kicked ass. I just wish that Adam and I could have sat next to each


Adam’s mom got me a cool necklace while she was in AZ, I’m so happy. It’s

cool. I like Adam’s mom. Adam also got me a fucking cool picture of me,

I’m going to post it once I get a scanner. Maybe I’ll make Adam scan it

this weekend.

Ok, off to class now, laters all…..

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