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Oct 11, 2001

Oct 11, [Lifehouse, "Quasimodo"]


So yeah, it’s Thursday, National Coming Out Day once again. Have you come

out to some one? Well this marks one year of being out for me. Yep that’s

right, one year ago I came out to my cousin. So yep.

Well not much really going on today. Adam’s here right now and we’re waiting

for Julian and gang to get here so we can go to supper. Fun times there.

I went to work this morning and got REAL working, so you know hthose links

that didn’t work a while ago that I tried getting everyone to go to. Well

they work now. lol. So here they are again:







Yep, so that’s what I worked on today. I went to Math recit today too and

I understand shit in there now as well. So this weekends going to be major

Math, Acct, Econ, and Soc studing. I got my BusAd final finished so that’s

cool. Yep. I have the last class in there on Tuesday. Yay for that. That

means more hours at Krell, which means more money, which means I can afford

a new car. Yay for good times.

Ok off to RENT now, LATERS!!!

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