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Oct 10, 2001

Oct 10, [Cranberries, "I’m Still Remembering"]

OMG, I didn’t update yesterday, there must have been something really busy

going on for me to have not updated….

Well really not. Nothing happened yesterday. I worked. I went to class.

I came home and did HW. That’s about all I did. Yep. We had an Econ quiz,

and I didn’t know how to do any of it. So I’m going to be spendin this weekend

on MAD Math and Econ studying cause I have a test in both classes next week.

Not much has really happened today either. I’ve gone to classes and such

and that’s about it. I got my English paper done and I think it’s really

pretty good. I hope so. I can’t afford to get a bad grade in that class.

I also looked for cars in the paper. I found a cool 2001 Saturn that sounds

really nice. It’s in PC, so I’m going to stop in and look at it Friday on

my way home. I’ve got alot do this weekend. I should start a list. It’s

kinda a good thing that Adam works afternoons both Saturday and Sunday,

that way I can go and study. I like when he works. We’re together yet, I

get my time to study and he has his time to work. He usually stops over

whenever he goes to get pop and we talk for a bit, so that’s a nice break

and all there. It’s good times. Yep.

RENT’S tomorrow. I can’t wait. I guess Xak is rushing all three days. He

wanted me to stop in and see him yesterday, but I was running late from

work, so I didn’t get the chance too. Grr to that.

I got Vero’s letter to send to Angel, so I’m going to try and send that

package yet today then. Oh, good idea, I’m going to go do that now… Laters


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