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OMG.. I’m so annoyed.

So I took my car in this morning for a 90,000 tune up.

Blah! I got there at 9:30 and they said it won’t be done till 4!

So I’m trying to find someone to hang out with.. Still. There’s this guy on a4a that wants to hang. He’s in Laguna Nig.. But he doesn’t have a face pic. Just body pics… Which in my mind says. “I only want hookups”.

And we all know i don’t do those!


I read the Fodor’s Guide to paris this morning. I’m SO EXCITED.

And that’s the story of my life!


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That sucks about the car. You take your car in for something simple and they end up wanting to do something major to it. Seems like that happens to me just about every time.

And don’t you just hate those guys who only put body shots in profiles, not their face. Are they trying to hide that they are ugly?


yeah, same here… they charge WAY too much per hour! hello, i wish i could charge that much!

I mean the parts for my thing were only $78, so where’d the other $220 come from!?!? Damn bastards.

But the guy who checked me in was HOT. I wanted to flirt with him. 🙁

Tom: I’ve never had to many problems.. i usually do most things myself, but since i don’t have tools here anymore, or a place to do it, i have to take them to a mechanic. very annoying

and yeah, the guy was like. ‘I’m really hot’… i was like, “Sure”. haha.

I know what you mean Chris, I started taking my car to Priority 1 just down the road. Of the 4 mechanics that work there, 3 of them are really cute.

So I don’t mind sitting there waiting for my car.

Yeah I don’t think there is a big gay ratio in the mechanic arena. In fact, I don’t think my dad has ever mentioned a gay mechanic that he has worked with ever. We all know he would have made fun of that guy if there was.

I’m sure there has to be some gay mechanics out there!

But this one was giving off family signals… So who knows. I’m way to shy to flirt with someone anyways. lol.

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