Where AM I GOING?!

So… I got a phone call last night, with someone saying. “Want to go to Europe”?

So I said YES!

I’m GOING TO PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was fun. Went out with everyone from the office. Tons of fun.

Adios yall.

Edit:// I DON’T WANT TO WORK NOW! Can’t I JUST GO HOME?! ::whines:: I’m too excited.

16 thoughts on “Where AM I GOING?!”

  1. Because it was the cheapest place to go… I’m going with andrew.

    and I’m not taking zach because he wasn’t around when we were planning it.

  2. When are you going? Have fun. Oh, and be careful. You know according to the media the French don’t supposely like americans too much.


  3. Tom: Thanks. I’m going Nov 10. It should be tons of fun!

    Andrew was just over there this summer and he said it wasn’t too bad. People were nice.

  4. Lucky you! I’m assuming you’ve never been before, if so, I’d be sure to hit the biggies: the Louvre (be sure to see the furniture, I think it’s from either Napoleaon or one of the Louis), the Musee D’Orsay (if you like impressionist art). Also Sacre Coeur basilica. Be sure to get out of the tourist area around Montmatre, it’s really cool. If you don’t have a hotel yet, we stayed at the Hotel Perfect, which was fairly cheap and nice, with a grocery store and a bakery right up the street. (you can look it up on the internet and get their phone number, the staff spoke English.) I really liked visiting the cemetary Pere Lachaise, too, it was really neat. The best thing we’ve ever done in Paris was visiting the catacombes. Seriously awesome. It’s neat to walk around the Champs Elyees, but the Arc d’Triumphe is not very interesting, and either is the Effel Tour, so don’t plan on spending lots of time at either of them.

    Hope this helps, been awhile since I’ve been there. If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

  5. YAY! Thanks… I’m going to hit up the Eiffel Tour just to see it, same with the Arc, but like you said, not too much time there. But they are one of those thigs that you just have to see!

    The Louvre and Musee D’Orsay were on the list as well. I want to hit the catacombs, but they are low on the list.

    Thanks again!

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