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The last week has been horrible. I’ve been really pissy, tired and basically depressed. It’s taken a lot just to get my ass out of bed every morning. But whatever.

I’m not sure what exactly set this on. be it the rain or the fact that T-day is going up soon and I’m going to have to spend it alone. Blah.

Speaking of that though. They have EggNog out already. Which is sad because I like EggNog, and I LOVE EggNog CheeseCake.. However the eggnog they have here is NOTHING like the eggnog that we have back home… Actually the eggnog we have here tastes like SHIT. Which means no eggnog and worse yet… NO EGGNOG CHEESECAKE!! :'( Fuckers

We have a special election coming up… and I’ve been meaning to bich about it for a while. THere’s all these propistions on it.. Things like Prop 78, Prop 79, Prop 76, Prop D, so on and so forth.. ANd it’s like WTF!? How are you supposed to know which one is GOOD and wich is BAD with stupid names like that. And worse yet is that Prop 78/79 deal with basically the EXACT same thing. Except one is good and one is bad! Now, personally I thikn this is a good way to do law making. Specially with things that effect the general public so much. BUT the fact that no one knows WTF the numbers are does NOT help worth shit. I haven’t decided if I’ll go vote or not.

Lexus announced the EPA MPG estimates on the new IS250/350 the other day. Amazingly the IS250 gets 25/31 which is exactly what I’m shooting for! Now I have to decide if I do want to spend $30k on a car or not. I’ll probably end up not. But I REALLY want a nice car…. Just want something nice in my life! lol.

I’ve also been meaning to bitch about something else every time I go to the store. But then I sit down and start writing about it and think that I’ve already written about it. But I can’t remember and don’t care enough to go look it up. So I’m going to complain about it now! I HATE UNIONS! For the longest time, I’ve been all for them in the manufacturing sector, and I still think they are probably a really good idea in theory, but they are so fucking corupt!

Plus, it pisses me of that a fucking checker at Vons makes nearly $20 an hour, and they only have 4 lines open and you have to wait 30-45 minutes just to fucking check out! These jobs are jobs that should be fucking making min wage and be filled by teenagers. They should have EVERY fucking line open with no more then three people waiting in line at a time.

Being a FULL TIME Checker at a grocery store is NOT a life long career people!

Oh, btw. The gym scale says I’m down to 170 now! Woot. So I treated myself to a candy bar!

Anyways, I’m out.

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you know i don’t think i’ve ever had eggnog. the opportunity never presented itself. btw, what about having an eggnog cheesecake fedexed to you from back home? like 2 days ago we had a pecan pie fedexed to us at work for no apparent reason.. didn’t know who it came from and stuff.. but it looked so good that i ended up having a slice… fortunately i’m still alive to tell that story.

w00t, congratulations on hitting 170!

oh yeah i’d say get the lexus… you just might regret getting something else.

You should have eggnog sometime.. But it has to be GOOD eggnog. I suggest making it yourself, don’t buy the shit they sell here. I also found it starange that they sell canned eggnog!

The cheesecake is very fragile because it’s not a typical cheesecake, I don’t think it would ship well.

Thanks! Now I’m on the quest to hit 165! 🙂

And I really want the lexus, but I’m affraid i’ll be regretting it every year when I have to pay for insurance and registaration! Plus, I’ll regret it in 4 years when I’m still paying it off, and could payoff the other cars in 2.5 years! lol. Who knows. I still have lots of time to decide. I think.


Congrats on the 170 mark!!

I have never heard of eggnog cheesecake. I love homemade eggnog way better than store bought stuff.

If you make it to your 165 mark, you should treat yourself to buying that really nice car.

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