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“It’s those homosexual designers, making boys wear thier pants low. They’re promoting rear entry”

So yeah, what’s up today, not much. Eh. I’ve got a test this friday in Calc, I’m not looking forward to it. But it should be easier then the last one. Then there’s a stat test next week, but that shouldn’t be too bad. Rarr! Anyways…

Random Links:

Stupid Lawsuit over Patents Good read.

Becareful next time you build a swing, so that you’re not violating this patent

Hilarious convo about screwdrivers “I prefer the circle slot. Never strips. Guaranteed”

Ok, I think that’s all for now. But I have pictures to upload later. So check back!

So, I’m back….
The news said that it’s snowing here in West Ames, so I went outside, and… YEP, it is snowing. RARR!

Anyways.So I might get to go to this Technology Conference on Thursday, it sounds really fun, and cool. YAY!

Umm, not much else happened today, I got alot done at work, and that was good.

I have a ton of pictures to upload and show people, but it seems that I don’t have ftp started on my server, so I can’t…. I’ll do it some other time. Laters all!

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b2 can upload photos.

It snowed more than just on the west side of Ames. Trust me. It was snowing at my house last night while I drove to Ames. Rarr! I hate snow.

Harvey Lipshitz-Boston Public-do I get a cookie?

We have about an inch of snow here so far. Yuck!

hey i have a very cute pic of you and adam if you like i could send it to you. It was a pic taken at my going away party. let me know if you want it!!!!

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