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So this weekend has been fun. Friday night Adam and I went back to my house and we hung out and went hot tubbing and watched the video from his AZ trip. It was good times, but it makes me want to go back there so much now! Rarr!

Saturday was fun as well. We did stuff in the morning, but I forget what all it was. I’m sure it was fun, whatever we did. After that, Adam went to work about 3ish, and I went to the band competition there in Ankeny, where I met up with Julian, Dean, and Andrew. It was good times. I love band. Marching Band even. We stayed there tell like 7:30 or so, after that Andrew and I went out to supper at GodFathers, it was nice. Tons of Waukee people stopped in and talked and sat with us, it was amusing. Ginny was there too and that was fun.

We hung out there for like 2 hours before Adam called, after he called we went downtown, and hung out with David, Brian, Alex. That was amusing, although by the time we got there, I was DEAD tired. We all went home about midnight and by the time we got back to Adam’s I was too tired to drive home, so I spent the night there. Weee!

Sunday we cleaned out the shed behind Adam’s house, and that’s about all. My PU’s called and left a message saying that I could have the Nordictrack, which is fun cause I like that thing! So I went home and got that and then came back to Ames, where I did random things and watched alot of TV. Tv’s bad for you!

Today I must plan out my schedule and do tons of homework. I have calc I must do, and C#. I should also read my Agron book as well. Cause I have to get that done soon. I wonder what I got in the test in there….

Skips off to go check! Laters!

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