look theta! phi! infinity!

Best line ever
“Keep the change, we’re in a rush!”::runs away::
“Wait, you get 4 dollars back!”
that was funny as shit.
So Friday night, I went out with Dustin. We saw Skinny at VWM and then took him to MHM to meet Ginny to go see a movie. Then Dustin, Jenny, and I went out to eat. Good times there. Jenny kept putting silverware down Dustin’s back, and I told him to get up and when it all fell out, go “how’d that get there?” Good times were had. We also saw Alison and Ben. We all agreed that Ben was hot.
We then saw Ginny, Skinny, and Emily (not May), and talked to them in the parking lot. Lots of laughs. Then we went downtown, and nothing was really going on. Stephanie Hague was there, as was Betsy, and Steph was with a cute boy. We hung out there for awhile, and Dustin got talking to some Churchy people and he stayed talking to them for a LONG time. Jenny and I went inside, it was pretty nippy out.
We went back to Dustin’s house, and on the way, Emily nearly killed me because she was merging without looking, and almost hit me! Dustin and I screamed! Oh yeah, Dustin ran through the mall doing his rat-face. I laughed and pretended I didn’t know him. Very fun times.
Today I worked. That sucked, I am very resolved in my efforts to look for a better job. I am going to see if Laura wants to go get jobs at WellsFargo. Who cares what I have to do… as long as it’s inside! I thought I would freeze to death.. however, the worst was yet to come.
When I got home, I called Chris to see if he wanted to go to Ankeny to see the bands. He was already going so I planned to meet him there. I stopped at the mall first and bought a little hat to keep my ears warm. It cost 17.50.. they ripped me off. Anyways, I stopped in Calypso to say hello to Jenny and she asked me if I wanted to stay and have break with her. I said sure, and so we hung out until she had to go back to work.
WHen that happened, I went over to Ankeny and met Chris. Him, Julian, Dean, and I were F R E E Z I N G! We had just a gimpy little blanket (thanks julian!) but it was still cold. And there were no cute boys. We yelled loud for Waukee, and they did pretty good. Chris also flipped some blargy off the railing and then did a crazy wrestling dive onto her. She wasn’t happy. This boy was also bothering us and then there was a wrinkle in the space time continuom (sp?) and he came back! lol… Anyways, after all that fun, Chris and I went to Godfathers. I guess while I was in the bathroom, some girls asked Chris if I was in sports. Weird. Anyways, Chris bought me dinner 🙂 He had a coupon for a free pizza. It was funny b/c the coupon said “For Fort Dodge and Mason City locations only” and the girl stared at like forever, and still gave it to us. We also got drinks, and cheese breadsticks, except they weren’t really cheese breadsticks. Anyways.
So Chris and I ate most of it. Well I ate my half and he ate half of his half. A bunch of Waukee band people came and Stephanie and Jamie Hammer ended up sitting with us. Jamie said that Chris was really sexy.
Ginny and Alanna came later and we all hung out until Adam called. Then Chris and I went to get Adam and then we headed downtown.
I guess before we got there Alison threw up all over herself. Sad. But by time we got there, her, Skinny, and Jenny had already left. And Dustin, David 2, Brian, and Emily all laughed at what I was wearing. I thought I looked straight, but Adam and Chris said I was gayer than ever. Oh well. Dustin and Emily left soon, much to my dismay.
I was just *semi* annoyed because Dustin said he wanted to see me and Jenny when he came back, and when I asked him to hang out Saturday, he was like “I’m going to a party at Jesses.” Which he had just gone to one the night before. I was like “hello, you and I are much better friends than you and Jesse.” But whatever.
So Adam, Chris, Brian, David 2, and Alex all hung out. It was fun. Brian told me that his friend Sree (Whom I had met the week before) is like in love with me and that she said something about how she’s never fallen for a guy with blond hair before or something like that. He said she talks about me all the time. I was really touched. We just talked and laughed and such.. I told funny stories. lol. I think I always tell funny stories. I think I have a way of making ordinary things that happen to me funny. Or if nothing happens, I make it up.
Case in point: the girl that Chris threw over the railing and the boy yelling “SPORTS FOOTBALL!”
Well at any rate, we ended up leaving soon. Adam and Chris had stuffed the pizza box under my windshield. Random. So I threw it up and away. Then Adam grabbed it and chucked it really hard. RIGHT AT ME! And it hit me in the leg and it really hurt. I cried “WOE IS ME!” and Adam hugged me. It really hurt! But anyways, hugs all around, and when Chris hugged me, I told him that I had to teach him how to give a hug, and then he totally picked me up and molested me and put me up against my car. It was scandalous and fun. lol.
Then I drove home. yay. I really DO NOT want to go to work tomorrow. It won’t be so bad if it’s not that cold. I’m gonna wear my hat and hopefully Nate doesn’t mind because it’s just too damn cold to go hatless.
I really feel bad that I might leave Hy-Vee because I don’t know who is going to work my thingy, but at the same time, I don’t care. I was talking to Bonnie in Floral about it, and she was like “Uhhh who gives a shit? They’ll figure something out.” I was like “Oh, you’re always the practical one.”
Oh one more thing before I head to bed. Skinny told that Josh boy that I liked him and that he should talk to me. AND he gave him my SN. So now everytime I’m online, he talks to me. I was like “Thanks Skinny, I hate you.” I told him I would get even by saying something to Matt LeMaster or Alex about how much Skinny wants to sleep with them or something. But I haven’t yet lol. I just have a problem being mean to people. I’m too nice, dangit!
Anyways, I’m really tired, I’m going to bed.
Visit me at work tomorrow! I work from 10-3 and I am selling chicken strips.. it’s gonna be great!

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