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You Hide!!

“It’s hard to “find” gay people, so they’re like “Hey, here’s one, over here.” It’s like hide and seek, or something. It’s generally nice of them, and it’s always good to meet another homo, even if we don’t hit it off, or become friends, it’s stil good just knowing they’re part of the “team”/”family””

So yeah, not much to really report lately. I dropped my first ever class today, Religion 105. I’m going to miss that class, the hot bois, and I was excited, because I was starting to make friends with this cute one in there. But now I guess that won’t happen. It’s sad, cause it’s hard for me to meet people, it’s hard for me to make friends, so I was excited that we talked every day, even though it was just about class. But that’s how friends start, talking about what you know you’ve got in common.

Anyways, that class is over, so I now have 2 hors between my 8’oclock class and my 11. I dunno what I’m going to do with that time now. I thought about just sitting in on the Religion class, that way when I take it again, I’ll know some of it.

We had mid-term confrences in my Engl 302 class. I didn’t do so hot. WE just turned in this paper, in which we worked in groups. Well, I had done a rough draft at home, and took it in. We sat there in class, on the computers, and fixed all the errors. I then sent it to myself. Well apparently when I went to print it off, I got the wrong copy, and turned in the old one. That really sucked cause we ended up getting a B- on it. So now I feel really bad cause I brought down the other girls grade as well. Someone just shoot me now, it’d be so much easier. But anyways, I am doing good in that class, I should be able to pull off an A in there… ::crosses fingers::

I had two tests today, I think I kicked both thier asses. So that’s good. I should have only one mid-term then, Math, but I expect that one to go up here soon.

I always hate TV. Every year I tell myself that I’m not going to watch any, that I’m going to work out, go out and do things, get involved, but every year, there’s a week where there’s nothing going on, so I turn on TV, and I get hooked on the shows. Monday it’s Third Watch, Tuesdays it’s RW at 8, Wed it’s Ed, and then West Wing, Thursdays it’s Will & Grace. Do you think I can sue the TV companies for getting me hooked on TV and ruining my life? Hell, it worked for Tobacco and Fast Food joints. Why can’t it work for this too?

I got my Degree Audit today, and if I stay according to plan, I’ll have 15 hours per semester for the next three semesters. And I’ll be out of here on time. YAY!

This entry is a bunch of random rantins, so bear with me here. lol.

There’s this group called “Change Scouting” trying to get started, so I thought I’d apply for the web design section of it. It sounds like it’d be fun. But I dunno if I really have the time for it. I’ll have to see. They don’t even have a real name yet, but it’s a really cool idea. The guy from Cali called me a while ago, and I haven’t gotten back to him yet. I should do that.

Ok, there’s alot more that I want to write about, but it’s just small random shit. Laters!

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I LOVE Will and Grace, Survivor too-even though they booted my favorite hotie. Do you know the Turkey day plans yet? I haven’t heard anything which is kind of weird-is it at your PU’s again?

It sucks trying to make friends and then havinng to leave them behind like that. It is really hard to meet people that are decent and that actually want to talk with you. ::hugs::

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