it’s hot up in this bitch

Yay! I am happy happy happy! And a big ol loser! lol.
I am happy because David called me! Hence the reason for the title: that’s a classic David line… as in “Why don’t they turn the air on? It’s hot up in this bitch?” I usually just said “Maybe it won’t be as hot if we take off all our clothes.” Lol, no I didn’t really say that, but what a good line!
Anyways, my phone rings (imagine that), and the loser I am, I always think it’s David. Well, I was like “No, it’s only 8 something, he wouldn’t call this early.” I figured it was Courtney because we were supposed to have dinner together and she never called. ANYWAYS, so I answer, it’s him, I’m all “oh my!”. Anyways, he said he was just calling to say hi and that he wanted to see how he was. I told him about my survey (I was in the middle of tallying) and he told me about his Stat survey as well. It was crazy, we were both doing like the same exact thing.. weird.. ooga booga. So I told him more about my life and what was happening (which isn’t much) and I asked what was going on with him. He was like “Oh you know, school, Patrick (that’s what I THOUGHT I heard), but this stupid bitch in my Stat class…” And went off on that. I was thinking “Did I catch a Patrick in there?” Well I really wanted to comment and be like “Who’s Patrick?” But I never got the chance to and I’m not even sure he said Patrick. But honestly, ANYTHING is better than Nate! lol. So then he was like “Well, I gotta go” and I went “So soon?” And he was like “Well, you can call me you know.” ::cue whiny voice:: “You never call me, why don’t you call me?” I was like “Uhh… actually I almost called you yesterday, but my phone was on low battery.” And he was like “Well, at least you are thinking about me.” I was thinking “more than you know.” But I kept it to myself. Anyways I said I would call him this weekend and we said our goodbyes and that was that.
YAY!!!! It’s so funny because I was just telling someone how I don’t like to call him because I always feel like the weak one. Well, HELLO, he calls me like every week now. I almost burst out laughing when he said “You never call me.” Cause at first I was thinking “Yeah, well you never call me” but then I was like “Wait, you always call me.” lol. So I am happy because clearly he remembers me and by his “at least you’re thinking of me” comment, it indicates to me that he doesn’t want me to forget him. Not like I was gonna.
Well I could rant about this for another 19283745091237984172349871239609127635 hours, but I really need to finish documenting my survey. Just wanted to express my happiness. 🙂 Smiles!

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