Tag: California

  • ALC is being SUED for Discrimination!

    The former director of California’s AIDS/LifeCycle fundraiser has sued two HIV/AIDS nonprofits that put on the ride, claiming they fired him because he is not gay. Jeffrey Shapiro filed suit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging sexual-orientation discrimination and intentional infliction of emotional distress by his former employers, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian […]

  • Google Streetview in LA & $0.99 iPhone!

    Google Streetview is now in LA! Check it out. They even have a very small bit of my area done! How fucking cool is that! Also, go to the 99 cent store and get yourself an iPhone, for only 99cents! Thanks to Muychingon for finding that!

  • Asshole online people!

    Oh My god.. I just ran into one of the biggest assholes online ever! So I get a message from this guy on hotornot.com asking if I have MSN. I message him back and give him my SN. Well today he messages me on there, we chat for about 2 seconds. Total. First off the […]

  • A LONG Weekend!

    Oh my god… This weekend, I DROVE… All over hell. Over 450 miles this weekend alone. What craziness. So Friday, I got home from work and headed up to Santa Monica to hang out with this guy Dan. Who had an amazing DVD/CD collection. I went through all his DVD’s and that took about an […]

  • Left Lane Drivers Unite!

    I was driving home from work the other day and heard a news story about these guys…Left Lane Drivers Unite!. It was great timing too as I was stuck behind a box truck in the far left lane going exactly 65… For you non-Californians, the far left lane typically travels between 75-80 during non-rush hour […]