Asshole online people!

Oh My god.. I just ran into one of the biggest assholes online ever!

So I get a message from this guy on asking if I have MSN. I message him back and give him my SN.

Well today he messages me on there, we chat for about 2 seconds. Total. First off the whole time he gives one word answers. .. What do you do? … “Chemical plant”. What the fuck does that mean?

Anyways, so then I go to ask him where he lives… And this is what happens….

3:39:15 PM me: Cool, so where are you located?

3:39:27 PM mattmci: edmonton ab

3:39:29 PM mattmci: u>?

3:39:43 PM me: where’s that?

3:39:48 PM me: I’m in Newport Beach, CA

3:40:03 PM mattmci: canada

3:40:16 PM mattmci: wheres ca?

3:40:19 PM me: california

3:40:26 PM mattmci: wheres that

3:40:42 PM me: are you serious?

3:40:50 PM mattmci: u dont know where ab is

3:41:10 PM mattmci: yet u expect me to know all yur states

3:41:15 PM mattmci: fucking americans

Changed status to Offline (3:41:30 PM)

3:41:30 PM mattmci: Matt has removed you from his or her buddy list.

Ok, seriously. Anyone read that and automatically think AB = Canada? Around here, AB = Airforce Base. Not fucking Canada. And then seriously. Even if you are from Canada, who doesn’t know where California is? It’s only the home of 8 million TV shows, movies and recording artists. And I mean hello the GDP of Alberta is only $215 billion, where as the GRP of California is $1.5 trillion (2004 numbers for both). I can totally understand people not knowing here Iowa is, but California?!

So I emailed him back on hotornot…. Let’s hope he replies!

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