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“Friends” vs FRIENDS!

I’ve been getting very annoyed with Jason lately. It’s been a year now since I met him. I have yet to meet a single one of his friends, he always just comes and hangs out with me and my friends. He never invites me to these 8 million things he’s always doing. He’s been saying, “Oh lets do something” and then never follows through. IE. last Tuesday and this Tuesday, I say. “Ok, lets go out to Beige”.

Then he goes off on this triad of how gays annoy him and blah blah blah. Yet he’s in West Hollywood EVERY WEEKEND for nearly MOST OF THE WEEKEND! Then he says he’ll do it, but then when the time comes something else comes up. Or he just WAITS till the last minute before he decides to go or not. And then like today, he says, “So what are we doing tonight”. I say, “Lets go biking, we haven’t done that in forever.” And he just stopped responding. That was nearly 3 hours ago!

And then the whole thing of he’s always going out and doing shit but he never invites me. He knows that I would enjoy going out to Weho, but I never get a call from him. He knows that I’d love to go flying with him, but yet I never get a call from him.

Another couple examples. He had $99 tickets a while back. I see it posted on myspace at like midnight and message him. We have a quick convo about it and decide on a place to go. I say, “Ok, lets finalize in the morning.” As I had to get up at 4am to be at work. Well by the morning. He already had booked someone else?!?! EXCUSE ME!? WHAT!? Then also there’s always talk of going on trips with him and shit that never happen. IE, Lifecycle!

THEN! I find out yesterday that he’s been talking to Ben again. Excuse me!? WTF!? UGH! I know I’ve bitched about Ben a lot since the whole issue nearly 2 months ago. But DAMNIT! It just annoys me. I was listening to Dr. Laura the other day and she had this caller on there and I was like. “That’s totally me!”. Her advise. Pick your friends better.

So I’m moving on. I’m not going to count on Jason any more to do shit. He’s all talk and no action.

So therefore, the last couple weeks I have been working on my friendships with other people. Mok, Dustin, Nick. Hopefully this camping trip will also add to a few more friendships along the way.

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