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Left Lane Drivers Unite!

I was driving home from work the other day and heard a news story about these guys…Left Lane Drivers Unite!. It was great timing too as I was stuck behind a box truck in the far left lane going exactly 65… For you non-Californians, the far left lane typically travels between 75-80 during non-rush hour traffic. So as you can imagine there was a long line of people trying to get around this guy… Would have been a great time to have one of these signs!

Wed night I went out with Brendan and we saw Shrek the third. It was really funny. I enjoyed it a lot. I made him stay till the end to hear the Trevor Hall song. Great stuff. Went home after that and made the mistake of checking my news reader… There were some more cars listed and one was this AMAZING looking 1956 F250! It was love at first sight… Ugh. I blame Charles on this new obsession. If he hadn’t been soooo enthusiastic when I mentioned that one 1961 truck, I would never have stopped to look at it and fallen even more in love with her. I’m going to have to start thinking of names… Just in case I actually do buy one!

I ended up not getting to sleep till nearly midnight after that because I was going over my finances and what not and trying to see if I could afford it. Of course I _can_ afford it. Question is, how badly do I want it. And right now. I wannnnnnt it! ::whines:: I talked to the seller and he actually is a professional restorer and this is out of his personal collection. He says it’s all new engine and transmission. Just needs some interior work and a new bed. Which should be fairly cheap to do (Like $2k maybe).

This morning I checked in with my Insurance company to see how much it would cost to add this truck into my insurance. Only $400 more a year, which isn’t bad at all. So then I went to progressive’s website. You know how they always have the whole “We show you the competitors prices”. Blah blah blah. Well I went all the way through up to the screen where it says “Buy your policy now”. And not ONCE did I see any other competitor pricing? Am I blind and missing something? They always show it as being IN YOUR FACE when they do the commercials. Like there’s this big graph on one of the pages showing it. But alas. I missed it? Did you?

I have to work the early shift tomorrow morning which means that I have to be up at 3:30am! Ok, it’s only 7:30am, I should go and get work done so today goes by fast! Adios!

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