What the World Eats

This is a fascinating look at what’s on people’s dinner tables across the globe, and is a telling visual of why the health of the Western world is in rapid decline from all our prepackaged, chemically processed and sugar-laden goods, and how much we’re actually paying for the privilege. What the World Eats. Really cool quick read!

This morning I was backing out of my parking spot and ripped the right mirror clean off my car. God damnit! I looked at it quick before coming into the office and it looks like I might be able to replace it myself. I’ve called a few NAPA stores here in Cali, but they are all of no help. So I’m trying to hunt down my cousin who works at NAPA in IA.

So remember that whole investment mess from a while back? Well today it continues! I got a letter in the mail saying that duplicate statements are now being sent to some Retirement Strategies company here in Cali! I didn’t authorize this! Time to figure this shit out again!

Nothing else new… Adios!

One thought on “What the World Eats”

  1. Regarding the whole investment mess. Apparently this one was authorized by the company VP. But I’m not really sure why the statements needs to be going to some other company. Seems fishy to me!

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