Apple – iPhone – A Guided Tour

I’m sure that everyone knows I’m in LOVE with the iPhone… Well I just got around to watching the guided tour that’s been out for like a week or so now.. And I just have to say that I’m creaming my pants right now.

Apple – iPhone – A Guided Tour

This thing is AMAZING. It does sooo much more then I even imagined it’d do!

There are some points that I wish it would do though.

1) GPS – Probably next gen?

2) Saved locations from Google. I have a ton of saved locations from my Google Maps, I don’t want to have to re-enter them all.

3) Push email. Maybe next gen?

4) IM – Chat. The SMS comes close, but it’d be nice to have AIM/Yahoo chat as well.

5) Full Java support for addon apps

6) Safari plugins. (I have all my bookmarks on, I don’t have ANY local bookmarks. I’d be nice if I could sync those to the iPhone)

But, in all this thing is Absolutely the best phone ever. I just wish that I could buy one this Friday. Fuck you Verizon for having HUGE cancellation fees (Contract End Date: 03/07/08!!! UGH! I can’t wait that long!!!!) Maybe I should look at selling my plan online!?! I have to be able to keep my cell number though!

AT&T also just announced the rate plans. Only $60/month for 450 minutes, unlimited data, unlimited M2M, 5000 evening&weekend minutes, roll-over, and 200 SMS messages?! That’s insane cheap!

I talked to CP again the other day about the whole old car thing. I’ve always wanted one. Infact we have one on the farm that I’ve always wished I could get and fix up. I’m sure it’s going to need WAY more then I could ever do at this point. Anyways, yesterday I went on this crazy mission and found a ton of 58-64 F-100’s here in the LA/OC area. I emailed them all. I’ll probably never do anything about it, but it’s amazing how cheap these cars really are for how old they are. I was expecting them to be much more. But these are all under $10k. It’d make a nice fun truck to drive around and enjoy LA in.

One year ago today was my first date with Jay… Oh memories. lol. Have I mentioned recently how annoyed I am still with Ben? How could he be so fucking childish! UGH!

5 thoughts on “Apple – iPhone – A Guided Tour”

  1. When I canceled Verizon, it was $175. I’d compare the cost of canceling vs the cost of paying for the next 9 months. Go with whatever’s cheapest.

  2. I love the iPhone too, but I am going to wait for a GPS model. I think that would be way cool.

    I just switched from the razor to the Blackjack. It is pretty cool and the plan is basically the same as for the iPhone. I do get up to 1100 text msgs a month included. Almost a total lack of documentation included and there are a couple things I still need to set up on it. But I will get around to those soon.

  3. I’m not sure I can wait for the GPS model… Let’s hope they have one out by 3/7/08 when my contract ends! I’m starting to save up my money nooooow!

  4. @beth: Yeah, but I’d still be out the $175. A new contract with AT&T would cost more then what I pay now. If the difference between the new contact and the old contract were saving me $175 over the next 9 months then it would be worth it. Otherwise you’re still losing money.

  5. Ah, my plan with Verizon was $50/mon, and the new plan with Cingular was $60/mon, but I got a credit for putting it on my SBC phone bill, so it went down to $55. My contract also didn’t end for a year and a half. So it was definitely more cost effective to do the switch. Especially since I only had like 300 minutes with Verizon and I now have 600 for just $5 more. I was going over tons because of moving out here and having to use my cell all the time. So my V bill was like $75 or $80/mon because of the overages.

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