My Life

Trevor Hall – Under The Blanket

Cut my wings break me down

my faith is gone i’ve lost my crown

am i alive or is this a dream

because the illusions are breaking at the seams

what am i following why am i bothering

i fell a victim to the trick and now i’m sick of all of it

all i got is this box of strings

am i really bringing anything

why do i question love when it burns so deep inside my chest

why do i live in fear when i always know that i’m under his blanket

are you a saint or just a man in a blanket

can you please fess up because i can’t fucking take it

i love you too much for it to be a lie

just give me proof say the news either way i’ll cry and cry

if it’s all a hoax i’ll die

and if you’re telling the truth i’ll fly

all i want to do is just stay in your holy grace

let you wash me down lord and let you paint my face

feed people serve people

take them to the holy steeples

where the rascals manufacture love to show us that we’re equal

constellations station meditation for the dying

kiss your wish to make it bliss and give it to the crying

children can’t find shelter so they retreat to the drugs

give out both your hands man and swallow them with love

the clock is ticking way too fast

triggers are pulled and guns blast

while the mothers take their children to the kindergarten class

well i’m under the blanket we’re gonna make it to that holy place

where we are united without violence every single race

look into eyes and you will find that we’re all of the same

blood blood blood blood blood blood blood

well neem karoli baba well he taught me like a father

i’m a ramayana soldier fighting with his love and honor

holy mother tell your brothers

wrap them up in all your covers

this is the time to rise and shine and burn off all the thunder

feel it all in your blood blood

unify and become come

all of us on the run run

our revolution of love

all of the elements turn turn

fire and water they burn

Om Mani Padme Hum Om Mani Padme Hum Om Mani hey

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