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How to recover 2Gigs of space on your new Leopard install!

I installed Leopard the weekend after it came out. Besides the few things I wrote about in the past that aren’t working. I really like it for the most part.

I have a MacBook Pro with a 120 Gig hard drive in there. I allocated 15 gigs to Windows, so that doesn’t leave me with much space really. Since this is my MAIN desktop and the computer I use for everything, I have _everything_ on here. After my recent trip to Europe, I’m running out of space. So I went looking for ways to save some space.

I found three things you can do to easily recover 2 Gigs of space on your mac:
1) Go to /System/Library/Speach/Voices/ and delete the folder called “Alex”. This is the newest voice from Apple, but sadly it takes up a whole 700 Megs of space! Insane!

2) Go to /Library/Application Support/iDVD/ and delete the folder called “Themes”. You just saved 500 Megs.

3) Go to /LIbrary/Application Support/iPhoto and delete the folder called “Themes”. You just saved another 500 Megs!

Suggestions: Make backups on an external drive first and don’t do this if you plan on using the themes to create books/cards/etc in iDVD or iPhoto. I don’t use either of those options, so it’s an easy and quick fix.

(I take no responsibility if you break something)!

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Update on the VA House…

So, remember I wrote about all the VA Paperwork we had to fill out a while ago.

Well our offer was rejected. Twice.

There were two initial offers on the house. Our offer which was about $10k less then what they were asking and then another offer which was $5k less then our offer! Well they rejected both the offers with no explanation.

So we resubmitted for $3k less then what they are asking. And they rejected that one with “You’re going in the right direction”.

Obviously these people have never heard of negotiation? Come back with a counter or something! Idiots. So we’re going to let them sit on it for a while. My dad estimates it’ll take about $15k to get it up to livable conditions, so we don’t want to give them anything more then we have too!

One of the houses that we put an offer on a while ago is still on the market as well. I think I’m gonna call my dad and have him resubmit the same offer to see what they say now. It’s been 3 months since we first made an offer, surely he’s a little more willing to sell now. 🙂 Plus with prices going down 5.1% across the country, that’s good news for me!

Also my dad has been working with this guy at Polk County Bank for a while now, he had me fill out an application so that way the guy had it all when we do finally find a place and we can move quick. Well I mailed it all into him and apparently he forgot what was going on because he passed it onto someone else who then passed it onto this girl I used to work with at Liberty Bank back in the late nighties! She called me to get more information and the story she was told was that I am buying a house to move back to Iowa to live in. How do they get the stories so messed up! lol.

Anyways, I got to talking with her about what our price range should really be… Her answer.. “For you guys, basically the sky is the limit”… ::Evil laugh:: They’ll be funding it internally and since our family has been doing business with them for over 30 years and have taken out so many loans from them (mostly business loans like this one), they know we’re good for it. I love small town banks, even if they are a bit stuffy!


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My New Glasses!

Before I left for Europe, I went and ordered some new glasses. I was hoping that I could have them while in Europe, but I got rimless glasses, so it was going to take 2 weeks for them to get them. Well I went in yesterday and picked them up. Here’s a pic of me in them!

Here they are without me:

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Leopard is Failing me….

Leopard is failing me… I installed it the day it came out, and I really enjoy it. But there’s just so many unfinished items in it.

First was the Green Screen of Death.

Then, I wanted to test out Time Machine. I took my external drive that I’ve been using for backups forever. I reformatted it and then turned on Time Machine and told it to use that drive. The first backup worked great! After it was done, I was able to enter into that wonderful timewarp thing. But then, I couldn’t get back out! I clicked the “Cancel” button, nothing. I pressed “ESC” on my keyboard, nothing! I pushed the power button, NOTHING. I had to hold the powerbutton to force a power off…

The next day, I tried a new backup. I plugged in the same drive… And it chugged for a minute and then froze my entire computer! I couldn’t do anything. I had to force a power off. There have been other reports of this.

So that’s just annoying. Then I plugged in a different drive and Time Machine poped up asking if I wanted to use it as a backup drive. I clicked “No” and then tried ejecting the drive and my computer froze!

I am also having issues with Frontrow. I can get into it just fine, I can move around and access everything just fine. But as soon as I try and exit and get back to the desktop. My computer freezes completely.

Next, if I try and view a folder with lots of Images/PDFs in Finder, the whole computer freezes up again!

Then this morning, I was working on my computer and then went to finder and suddenly my computer thinks it has two identical drives in it!


Lastly, I love having a fast connection!!!
My home connection:

My work connection:

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VA Paperwork!

So I heard from my dad yesterday afternoon. I don’t recall if I mentioned it, but nearly three weeks ago we put an offer in on a house owned by the VA. We put the offer in the DAY the house became available (after months of watching it sit there empty, waiting for them to put a price on it). Then we were told they were taking bids for the whole week.

Then we were told that they haven’t opened the bids and won’t until a week after the bidding ends. NOW we find out there’s all this paper work we have to do. I guess the Realtor filled it out and my dad is going to sign it today. lol. What a mess.

Anyways, last night Erick and Sirin stopped over while I was planning the Europe trip and they drank wine and chatted while I did that. It’s coming along great. You can see our Prague and Vienna itinerary here. I have only planned up to the 21st so far. Hopefully Thursday I will planning the 22-25. One week till we leave LA!!! How exciting is that!

Last night Consty went to some business party. When he first mentioned it over the weekend, I kinda thought maybe he was hinting at inviting me, but I guess not cause I didn’t go. Would have been fun to meet him work people after hearing so much about them all. Either way, it sounded like he had fun.

Tonight I am hoping to go and buy new glasses! 🙂 Yay! I am debating about buying some sunglasses as well.

I’m also in the process of cleaning/organizing my apartment for the time that Brian is there to watch my cats while in Europe. I’ve been going a bit crazy though and cleaning out drawers and cabinets!

Nothing much else going on. Adios!