Update on the VA House…

So, remember I wrote about all the VA Paperwork we had to fill out a while ago.

Well our offer was rejected. Twice.

There were two initial offers on the house. Our offer which was about $10k less then what they were asking and then another offer which was $5k less then our offer! Well they rejected both the offers with no explanation.

So we resubmitted for $3k less then what they are asking. And they rejected that one with “You’re going in the right direction”.

Obviously these people have never heard of negotiation? Come back with a counter or something! Idiots. So we’re going to let them sit on it for a while. My dad estimates it’ll take about $15k to get it up to livable conditions, so we don’t want to give them anything more then we have too!

One of the houses that we put an offer on a while ago is still on the market as well. I think I’m gonna call my dad and have him resubmit the same offer to see what they say now. It’s been 3 months since we first made an offer, surely he’s a little more willing to sell now. 🙂 Plus with prices going down 5.1% across the country, that’s good news for me!

Also my dad has been working with this guy at Polk County Bank for a while now, he had me fill out an application so that way the guy had it all when we do finally find a place and we can move quick. Well I mailed it all into him and apparently he forgot what was going on because he passed it onto someone else who then passed it onto this girl I used to work with at Liberty Bank back in the late nighties! She called me to get more information and the story she was told was that I am buying a house to move back to Iowa to live in. How do they get the stories so messed up! lol.

Anyways, I got to talking with her about what our price range should really be… Her answer.. “For you guys, basically the sky is the limit”… ::Evil laugh:: They’ll be funding it internally and since our family has been doing business with them for over 30 years and have taken out so many loans from them (mostly business loans like this one), they know we’re good for it. I love small town banks, even if they are a bit stuffy!


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