March 26, 2001

march 26. ok so yesterday afternoon i got an e-mail from this

guy in SF. so i replied to it, after a bit of nagging from danny, and then

i went to bed. well like after 20 minutes the phone rang and it was this guy.

i was like omg, omg, omg,omg. it was so funny. but we talked for like 30 minutes.

he seems pretty cool. he admits he’s a preppy, but hey, what the hell. lol.

he works at Wells-Fargo as a teller. He wanted me to come down to the bank

last night and talk to him. it was odd, but cool. i might go down next weekend.

lol. ok so i’m back, and my econ prof is totaly fucking insane, he didn’t

even show up for class today, he just left the tests there and had a note

for us on what to do. and of course his test was just totaly messed up. and

ya know what else, i’ve been so fucking messed up in the days lately. like

last night when i was talking to that guy, nathan. he was like so what time

do you have class tomorrow, so i looked and was like 9-10 and then later we

were talking and i was like i have to get up early tomorrow i have class at

7. and he was like, but i thought you siad 9-10. and i was like OHH yeah,

it’s monday not tuesday. but ya know what, this morning i got up and went

to my 7 class, forgetting that it was monday and not tuesday. oh well. lol.

it gave me more time to study for my econ test. so now ihave nothing to do

for the rest of the day. boring. i got this reallly cool skin for my computer,

it looks like Mac OS X. it’s really fucking cool. ya know if i had money i

would soooooooo buy one of those titanium laptops that apple has. they are so much cooler then anything that the windows

makers put out, and i could get more done with a mac anyday. and it would

only cost me $4,096.

that’s about what i paid for my computer that i have now. damnit, i wish my

pu’s would have listened to me. but they were like, no where not going to

shop for your computer, so i had to make a last minute buy for a computer

the week before i moved up here. and i got a damn HP, i HATE hp’s. really,

really hate them. they are evil.

March 25, 2001

march 25. alright my econ prof has totaly lost it, first he’s

giving us a test on stuff that we’ve already had a test on. he claims that

chapter 4 wasn’t on the last test, but it was. and he won’t go back and look

at it. second he gave us this practire test and one of the questions is “according

to figure 7 … an increase in …” first there is no fucking figure

7, there’s figure 7.1, 7.2, 7.3. and they all deal with increases in different

things. wacko path. umm yeah other then that it’s been pretty boring here,

normal sunday shit. i felt like crap last night. i was just like really depresed

and shit. i don’t know. it was odd. i have other stuff to babble about, but

i don’t want to.

March 24, 2001

march 24. it’s to damn fucking early to be up. I’ve been so

exhausted lately, but yet i can’t sleep. i went to bed at like 10:30 last

night but didn’t get to sleep tell after 12 and then i woke up at 5 and couldn’t

get back to sleep. so yeah. it sucks. julian put up some great pics everyone must go look at them. i was laughing to hard,

lol. i was temped to go home this weekend and get some pics to scan in but

i didn’t. i don’t even know why i was temped i was just like, i should go

get some pics to scan in and such, but as youc an tell i didn’t lol. well it’s still early so not much going on here. i’m doing my laundry it’s in the

dryer now, lol. i’ll have to go get that soon. people better not steal my

clothes this time, damnit. i want my boxers back. bastard people. I’m back,

so no one stole my clothes, yay for that. but i’ve also been doing some research

on nathan, so i found that he was still going to JMS last year and got into

some honor bands, he would be in 9th grade this year at JHS but i haven’t

found anything to confirm that, i did though look up the last known phone

numbers i had for him and it shows that they still live at that address. i

also got danny to look up his aol account info and it appears that he still

has that so i went and got the aim names accociated with that account, none

of them have been on yet. i also went back trough my e-mails all 8398 of them.

i have one from each of his parents, the lastest one dated 12.20.99 so i went

back trough and looked up his parents aol accounts and the aim names accoiated

with them, his mom is currently on. i haven’t talked to her yet though. i

also found that i sent an e-mail to nathan on 1.21.01, but the last message

recieved from him was 5.24.99. i also found an old website that nathan made.

but it hasn’t been updated in well who knows how long, but a really long time.

damnit, why does it seem this always happens

March 23, 2001

march 23. so everyone has been asking me what my fantasy is

lately, gee i don’t know where they got that idea from, to ask me that is.

so last night i wrote a short story, about 3 pages, about my fantasy, and

it got me thinking. thinking about all the great times i had camping with

a freind, nathan. he was in scouts too, he was my ASPL, assistant senior patrol

leader. and as that we were always together, at meetings, on campouts, in

our free time, he spent many weekends camping at my house. every year at summer

camp we would share a tent, everytime the troop went camping we would share

a tent. great times. and then one day, he just kinda disapreared. his parent

said he was doing bad in school, so they just pulled him out of scouts, i

haven’t seen or heard from him in over a year now. we had some great times, like when we went winter camping with the troop,

it would always get really cold, so we would cuddle up next to each other

to keep warm, and when he stayed at my house, we would both sleep in my bed.

he was really cute too. i’ll explain the picture, we were out camping and had made a kite out

of paper, but we didn’t have any string to fly it with, so we got out a fishingpole

and flew the kite with that, it works really well actually, and for being

just a paper kite that thing went really high, lol. and like at summer camp

we would both go up and take showers together, and when we got back to the

tent, we would put up like a barrier or something and we would both change

on our own side, but one of us would always rip it down, it was a race to

see who could get dressed faster and who ever did, took down the towl that

seperated our ten side. we even went skinny dipping late one night in my pool,

cause he hadn’t brought swiming trunks, so we were just like well, it’s dark,

we’ve seen each other before. but yeah, it was just like, all of a sudden

his parents cut off all contact, they stopped calling, they wouldn’t return

phone calls from anyone in scouts. they just disapered. i really miss him,

we were close friends. i wonder what happened to him. last i heard his dad

was drinking a bit to much and was out of the country alot on work. nathan

was really depressed and they had him on a whole bunch of drugs, and he was

failing most of his classes, which i can’t really see, cause he was a really

smart kid. i would like to know what happened to him. just to know. ok so

i bet you’re asking what’s up with the underlining and shit, cause it’s really

hard to read things with underline. well in here somewhere is a link to my

story, i was to lazy to look up the code to make the unerlining go away, so

i just underlined the whole thing. but be warned that finding the link is

only half the battle. you’ll have to figure out the word processor that i

use. i know julian should be able to open it, cause he said a while back that

he uses the same one that i do. or at least he did. that might be to much

of a hint, so i’m going to shut up now. ok so

i do realize that it can be opened in more well known word things, but it’s

really messy, so yeah. ok update again, like five minutes later, so i realize

that abiword docs can be opened in IE too, so i guess if you find the link

you find the doc.

March 22, 2001

march 22, people are stupid. the ODS had a bulitin board thing

up that said “Celebrating Women of Courage and Vision” well some

dumb shit ripped it so it now says “Celebrating Men of Rage and Vision”

Stupid ass people. on a different note everyone should go and see mir’s reentery

here. when it happens. they should

have video of it about 4 hours after it’s splashed down, lol. I’ve been so

tired lately, i didn’t sleep much tuesday night, but i slept well and then

yesterday i took like a 2 hours nap, but then by 8 i was tired again, so i

went to bed, but didn’t get to sleep tell sometime atfer 10 cause i remember

hearing my watch beep at 10 and then i didn’t sleep very well. i was up most

of the night and i didn’t get out of bed tell like 9:30 or so, cause i missed

my first class, oh well. So then i went to my programming class, we had a

test today, i really hate programming tests, i think they should all be open

book, cause it’s like how do you know what they are going to put on the test,

there’s so much that you could possibly have to know, and it’s also like,

here they are so big on “in the real world” well how many jobs are

you going to get where they say, oh we wany you to do this project but you

can’t use any resourses or anything, it’s like comon people, you can’t expect

people to remember every little bit of syntax and shit, and some of the questions

they ask are really hard, and also with the crappy ass way they teach it too,

it’s just stupid. i really hate it here, i can’t wait tell may 11th, the last

day, then i can’t wait tell june 16th, the day i start my job, i’m getting

pretty nervous about it, it’s like you know, i’ve only done cope once and

i really enjoyed that, but i just doubt mysef on weather i can do this as

an instructor. it’s a really hard job and such and i’ll be a long way from

home too. but oh well, i’ve accepted it, it pays nicely from what he said,

and it should be a really fun job. i need to get my accounting done, but the

damn roomie is in here he’s fucking sleeping yet, i don’t know what time he

finally got back, but i know yesterday wheni got up at 7:30 when danny called

me he wasn’t here and didn’t show up tell like 3 in the afternoon. oh well,

as long as he’s not here i’m happy.