My Life

July 30, 2001

July 30, [Sting, "Brand New Day"]

Today’s been really great times. I wish they were still really great times

with my boy friend Adam, but they’re really great times with my friend Adam.

This afternoon I went over to his house and just hung and talked with him

and his mom a bit there, then we went over to Jessica’s house and hung out

with her. It’s hard times in her house. She just got a new car and the tape

they used to put the "For Sale" sign on the windows had melted

so we helped her get that off there. Then we came back to my house cause

I was hungry and he wanted a Koi. I made myself a salad, Adam went out to

the fish pond to try and get a fish, he didn’t do very good at that, so

I came in and changed into trunks and got into the pond. Cause that’s how

we usually get them. That didn’t work either. So we just gave up. After

that we went out to Saylorville and hung out there, it was good times, it

was so pretty. Again, I wished I was with boy friend Adam yet, but it was

still really fun. After that we came back here and made french fries and

potato chips. It was so much fun. After that we went swimming and hot tubing,

I was waiting for Adam to try and go skinny dipping, but he didn’t and I

was happy about that. I really don’t want to get into a position like that,

not now. After that we came inside and watched a movie. I forget the name

of it already, it’s that one with the prince or what ever he was and he

gets changed into a llama thing. Yeah, that was a great movie, "No

Touchy" hehe. I love that line. Tonight was great times. Taking him

back home though was hard tonight, I started to cry. I was thinking about

how great tonight would have been had we still been together. It would have

added so much to our relationship. But tonight still added alot to our relationship

as friends. I’m glad I chose to stay here tonight. Sometimes I just need

a break.

The house is really clean today too, for the first time ever I feel as

though I can actually bring people over and not be embarased by the way

it looks. It’s so great when the PU’s leave. They make such a mess. lol.

I’m so glad I have the house to myself, one week of a clean house is going

to be so great. But you know, I shouldn’t have to wait for them to leave

to be able to enojy a clean house. But they just can’t seem to keep things

clean, they can’t clean up after them selfs and that damn dog just makes

such a mess cause my dad will just let him in the house right after he jumps

out of the pond or something like that and he just tracks all over the place. Damn dog.

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