The TurnPike

So yesterday was tons of fun. Though I did get annoyed a few times.

We got up fairly late, compared to what we normally do. It was 9:30. We have been sleeping in everyday since we got here. This can’t be good for my sleeping habits, I wanted to start getting up earlier then I had been, not later! Lol.

Anyways, we got up, got ready and waited around for Erin to get here,

After a bit, Andrew was like, I need to go clean my eyebrow and as soon as he got up stairs, the doorbell rang, and the phone started ringing, so I went and opened the door and assumed that it was Erin. She looked pretty cool, and I introduced myself to her, and such. Then showed her into the living room where Andrew was on the phone.

They hugged and made crazy noises. After that we were off. First went to the mall here, that was nice, and it was pretty cool. This mall is really nice I think. At least compared to the ones we have in DM. We were there for a while and ate lunch there, then headed off to his old school.

That was fairly scary. The school it self seemed pretty run down, at least comparitivly to North Polk. We went in, after taking a pic of Andrew outside, and stated walking down the hall.

We passed the principal’s office and saw that someone was in there, so just hurried on by and kept walking past, We were about half way down the second hall way when we hear this voice from behind us,

Can I help you??
Hi sister Cathleen, we’re just looking around
I can’t allow that
You need to leave
This is Andrew Mcgee, do you remember him
Oh, hi, . Where are you going to school?
Chapman, in Cali
Well I’m going to have to ask you to leave

She was an uber bitch! I thought religious people were supposed to be more friendly then that.

After that we went back to Erin’s house and got her change then went off to this store, where they have a machine that counts your change for you! This is insanity!

After that back to Erin’s house where we sat around for like an hour waiting for her to get ready/dressed. It was fairly amusing there. Her mom is crazy!

From there it was off to Joe’s house which is in bum-fuck-egypt.

Taking the turnpike was much like driving a busy interstate in Iowa. It really wasn’t that bad after all. Though Erin had never drivin it before and was freaking out. I really wanted to just scream at her and say, Shut up and just calm down, Her constant, OMG, OMG, etc was very annoying. We were on there for about 30 miles or so. Not too bad. If I had known she was going to freak out so much I would have drivin.

After we got off there we had to get onto 68 South. We were driving along and the way we needed to go was on the left. Well we both say that, after we realize it, but it was pushing it. Though she could have easily made it across the lanes to get there.

So we miss the turn for it and she keeps going on the road that we’re on, it was like university or something, not a really busy highway or anything. But Andrew and I were like, just turn left into a business drive and turn around. Well she refused to do that because you Can’t cross a highway. I was very annoyed at that was well because it wasn’t that bad of a highway,

Anyways,. After we FINALLY got turned around we were driving along on and South 68 just randomly ENDS in Fort Dix, Say that ten times fast!

So we go in there and Andrew and I are like, Just ask the guy for directions, but she didn’t do that, she was like, So you need to see and ID and the guy was like, What’s your business

So we drive and drive and eventually get to the right place, then realize we’re on the road we need to be on, so we turn around, but instead of going the way that I said to go, she’s like No we need to go the other way. But we did end up having to go the way that I said we did.

We eventually find the place, after FINALLY pulling over and calling for directions. Though we only had to go like 2 more blocks down the street.

After that he took over driving which was both a relief and also a bit more frustrating because he drove like a crazy mad man!

We finally got to Sea Side about 6ish and walked around. It was so much fun there, we ate Zeppoles, and pizza and ice cream and I got Salt Water Taffy, and it was so much fun!

There were tons of neat little shops along the boardwalk, and they were having fireworks and we just hung out all night. About 8:30 or so we finally went down on the beach and sat on a blanket and watched the fireworks and made out. It was so cute!

And I do have to say that Andrew and I were the cutest gay couple on the whole beach! Lol.

Once the fireworks were over Andrew and I went for a walk along the beach. It was so cute! We held hands and walked along the shore line and just talked and listened to the waves breaking. So uber cute!

We stood there on the beach talking about how much we’re going to miss each other, and I stated to cry. But held it back. After a bit we went back to the blanket and got our stuff and then went off. We shopped a bit more and then headed out, Even more drama on the ride home. Though Andrew and I slept most of the way. They got lost coming back and it took us like twice as long to get home from the beach as it did to get there. Very annoying. We got home shortly after 1AM.

Once we got home we went right to bed because we were both very tired,.

This morning for some reason about 5:30 or so Sue came into our room and turned on the light and let the dogs in and then yelled at them, It’s like, HELLO, people SLEEPING! We weren’t loud when we came in last night, so why are you being loud this morning!

We finally got up about 9:30 or so, Andrew sat on the bed playing video games and I slept for a bit longer because I was really tired.

I don’t know why, but this whole week I’ve been really tired all week this week. I mean like every day I’ve just been like I’m so tired

Whatever.. Today we were supposed to go over to Andrew’s Dad’s house and spend the day with Mary and the boys, and then go out with his dad after he got off work. Though apparently Mary has a play date, and can’t cancel or something? Who knows. So we’re sitting here all day waiting for his dad to get off work so that we can go with him. I think the plan is to go mini-golfing.

I’m still in awe that I’m in New Jersey.. Very crazy,.

Laters all!

What A Flight

Thank god, we’re finally on the ground here in Jersey. It’s about 11:15 pm here now. And we’ve been on the ground since shortly after 9:10.

Our flight was delayed leaving DM, so we didn’t get out of there tell 5:20, so we spent 3 hours in the airport just hanging out. It was alright and we talked a lot. So that was nice.

Once our plane was in the air it was pretty nice. We talked and had a good time. Though I don’t think that the people behind us/beside us liked us very much. Whatever, they can get over it all.

Anyways, it’s not the next morning. So I don’t know where I’ll put this update, either Aug 11, or the 12th. Whatever.

So last night while I was writing that, Andrew and I talked for a while, which truned into like an hour, so by the time we were done talking, I was too tired to do anything, so I just went to bed.

It’s UBER hot in here, so it was hard to sleep. Though I did sleep pretty well.

Oh, the airport last night was crazyness., and once we got here, the captian said that we would be stuck in a holding pattern for 50 minutes. But it ended up being only 10 or so. That was nice.

Once we got here we ate supper and then came to our room and hung out/talked/wrote updates.

Today has been filled with nonthing ness. Andrew and I just beat Sonic, it took us like 3 hours or so. Not too hard. I was playing most of it, but when we got to a bard spot that I didn’t want to try beating Andrew would take over and do it for me. We also watched the Jerry Springer show. Very exciting.

Now it’s 1:30 and he’s jus tnot starting his shower. And then I’m going to shower after he’s done.

I don’t know what tonight consists of. He says that we’re going to call his dad and go out to supper with him. That would be interesting. Though not really. I guess they want to go to this place called Big Ed’s for ribs. I don’t like Ribs. So I’ll get something else.

Sue also bought some crazy foods, like MAJOR junk food. It’s all so bad for you, yet tastes so good!

I’m out, laters all!

The Day We Leave

Well here we are sitting in the airport. It’s 2:00 and our flight doesn’t board tell 3:30. I told my mom we didn’t need to be here this early, but she insisted on getting here early.

We did however get the woman to change our seats so we get to sit next to each other now, so that s really good. I’m excited for that. I would have been uber pissed if we hadn’t gottn the chance to sit next to each other on the flight.

I’m very excited for all of this, though very scared all at the same time. This’ll be the last time we have in DM tell at least December. Maybe longer.

The last couple days though have been really good. Though a bit frustrating.

Saturday he got home and we had a bit of a fight and a short bit of annoyance with each other. Though we got over it, and I appoligized and so did he.

After that was over we went out with Ginny to the mall and had a good time there, I found the pair of glasses that I want. I’m very happy with them. I will have to get get them though once I get back because the only sale they had going on was a sucky ass sale. You saved $165 when you buy TWO pairs of glasses, which I really don’t want.

Once we were done with that we drove downtown and went to Centro. Very good place. I had called earlied to get reservations, but they said they didn’t have any, so I was thinking that we’d have to sit in the bar. Ended up not having to, so that was good. Though I think the service would have been faster in the bar, so we would have actually made it to my plans.

The food was good, and we had a good talk. After that it was too late to get to where I wanted to go, so we went across the street to a parking garage and climbed to the top (All ten floors!!) And stood up there and watched the sun set. Which wasn’t cooperating with me, because it was cloudy. Affter that we drove to Camp Dodge and sat on the tanks overlooking the city. From there back to Saylorville where I was hoping that the moon would be high enough to light up the lake, but it wasn’t so we just sat there for a little bit then went back to my house and hot tubbed. That was nice, though I kept nearly bereaking out in tears.

Once we were done with that it was off to his house to get to bed. Which we did quickly.

Sunday, was a LONG ass day, We got up really early and went over to beak’s. Met up with them and went off to the fair.

That was Really fun, though iit was such a LONG day. Beak and Leper boy would NOT STOP EATING! Blarg BLARG!

We saw tons of good stuff, and it was very sad.
After the fiar we went back to Beak’s, showered, and then off to the drag show. It was pretty good and Jackson saved the show a couple times. Not the best, but still a really good show!

You could tell one time when the DJ played the wrong song for Jackson, he got REALLY mad and gave hima death stare! It was funny shit.

Once that was over we broke and went back to Andrew’s place, When we left I had turned on the over head lights in the living room to really low. I was hoping that we could come home and just lay on the couch, with the really dim lights and just talk for a bit. But we got home and there was far too much to do, so we just got it all done, and crazyness and went to bed.

I had a major breakdown. I felt really stupid for doing it. Mostly because I felt like Adam crying that much. I know that Angel was very annoyed when he cried when she was leaving. And I feel very stupid about crying so much now. Especially since no one else has cried yet either, and he doesn’t seem to be taking it near as hard as I am. Lol. Just like beak said,.

Ok, so I lied in that last paragraph. Beak cried too. It was so cute and sweet of her.

Anyways, today has been uber hectic. We went to the post office, they rejected us, we had to re-pack, and go back. Went to his school got his yearbook, I went home got my mom, made us lunch, etc.

Now here we are at the airport. The security was very confusing, since I haven’t flown in like 3 years or so. Eh, whatever.

Anyways, the point is that I can’t imagine saying goodbye today. I would not have been able to handle it.

Whatever, there’s a lot more that I should update about, but I just don’t feel like it right now.

Laters all!

Thanks A Lot Sue.

I’m really fucking pissed right now… (In otherwords, this might not make any sense)

Well it appears I won’t be going to EWR or LAX now, thanks a lot Sue.

There’s no way I’m spending $1300 just to fly out there and back. No fucking way.

You know, if she would have just sat down and been cooperative about it all, unless throwing a huge fit everytime Andrew brought it up, we could have easily gotten there by taking Continental instead of going through United. Same airports, only it was NONSTOP from EWR to LAX. You know, much easier, and MUCH cheaper… But no, she couldn’t do that…

Thanks A Lot Sue.

I just want to fucking cry right now. I’ve really been looking forward to this.

I never should have got my hopes up so high for the trip, I knew that something like this would happen.

And that’s my life.

U-TURN! Weeee!

So this weekend has been ABSOLUTELY wonderfull… Minus the few emotional upsetnesses and the annoyance of someone else now coming.

Friday we left here about 4:30 and got there about 7:30 or so. Went to Boston Market and ate there, it was really good food. After that we went back to the hotel, went swimming and hot tubbing. Lots of stupid little kids running around there. We sat outside by the lake for a long time and just talked about alot of little things. Here’s where the Emotional upsetness started some. But it was a really good night… About 10:30ish we went back to the room and watched this show, “Blind Date” Very amusing. After that we went to sleep. Really good to sleep in that BIG bed with Drew Bear. Good night.

Saturday we got up really early…. Well ok, not that early, like 9ish or so. Showered and got ready for the day then headed out to Lawrence. I REALLY liked it there, we had so much fun! I loved Flush, that was really great. And all the stores along those streets were really really fun. I so wish that DM had something like that area. As well as the Plaza area in KC. Both really great outdoor shopping areas.

We spent pretty much the whole day afternoon there hanging out. We ate lunch at this really good place, and it was uber cheap! Umm, after the downtown area we went to the campus and the Art Museum. That was alright, but the woman there was REALLY bitchy. From there we went back to the hotel and hung out for a little bit. Then decided to go to the mall…

Oh was that Mad crazyness. We called the mall to get directions. The guy said to take 435 to 35 and then 95th street. So I ask him which way on 435, and he didn’t know. So I was like. Alright, no biggie, we should be able to figure it out, we came west to get to the hotel from 35, so we need to go east to get back to 35. So we start driving and then decide that we should call and get better directions. So Andrew called and the guy was like, well you need to go West on 435. (We were already heading east). So we get off and do a U-turn and go back West on 435.

Drive and Drive and DRIVE.

And we end up in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. So I’m like, this AIN’T right. We find a road name that we know (Barry Road), so we get off there and start driving back towards the city…

Barry road was REALLY hilly and that was TONS of fun. I really wish we had a video camera for that part of the trip. Well I wish we had a video camera for a lot of the trip. Anyways, FIANNLY found 435 AGAIN (Apparently 435 just wraps around KC), and stopped at a gas station to get directions… That guy gave us MUCH better directions, though it wasn’t quite right. We finally get to 95th street and get off. The guy told us to go right. So we did… And drove and drove. But were heading out into the country. We were like this ISN’T right…. And by now it was 8:45… Mall closes at 9. So we stopped at a crazy Wendy’s in the middle of NO WHERE. And the guy told us that we had to go LEFT once we got off 35, not RIGHT! I was so mad cause we were REALLY close. Grrr.

Anyways, got to the mall RIGHT at 9pm, and went inside and wandered aorund some.

After that left and went back to Downtown KC and went to a gay coffee planet. That was good, but really expensive for what we got.

From there we were going to go to a porn store, but we got there and you had to be 21 to go in. So skipped that and went back to the hotel. Watched some show called Cheaters and then went to bed about 1am.

Today we got up really late, about 10ish. And showered, dressed, and went back to KC. We went to the Kemper Art place. Which is REALLY small and sucks. I don’t recommend going there. After that we walked across the street to this other art thing which was REALLY good. I wish I had been in a better mood, because it would have been really interesting to read all the little things about the art. Though I wasn’t in the mood to read it all. Just to look at the art.

After the art thing we went to the Plaza and ate at the CheeseCake Factory… That was HEAVENLY!

From there to back to the mall where I bought 5 new shirts from Hollister. Everything there was REALLY cute, and I wanted it all.

Once we were done there we drove back to Waukee. The ride here was nice. But very saddening at the same time. All I could think about was how in less then 4 weeks time, Andrew will be gone. And all this fun times will be ending. I just wanted to cry the whole way home.

We finally got home and said our goodbyes. Then I was going to drive back to Ames… But the Hickman onramp was CLOSED, so I had to drive all the way to 86th street to get onto the interstate. Very annoying.

Anyways, the weekend was REALLY REALLY REALLY great, even though I spent most of the time being PISSED at Dustin for ditching us at the last moment. We did a lot of U-turns and never MAJORLY got lost. Just a few minor times being lost, but they were fun.

The only thing I wish was different was that Andrew hadn’t been sick, and that we had taken more pictures. And perhaps had more time….

And that’s my life!