Offer and Undies!

I’m slowly making it into the new year… Things are moving along. Work yesterday, Bike ride and shopping with Jason. Good times.

As per usual, I feel really down and sad. Etc.

Put an offer in on a house yesterday. That was the high point of the day, I’d have to say.

House we put an offer in on.

I love Underwear!






And so you look good in that underwear, how about some Smoothie Recipes?

Ugh. Boys! They make me sad.

Bush is such a fucking idiot! “President Bush requests line-item veto power” … “We’ve got to make sure we spend the people’s money wisely” … OMG! What about all these things when your buddies were in power. You’re just NOW figuring this out? After HOW MANY YEARS in office. Can’t someone just hang him already!? And then leak the video to Youtube?


2 thoughts on “Offer and Undies!”

  1. Nice looking house. Is it in CA or IA?

    I’ll take the black “net” guy on the n2n bodywear ad. 🙂

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