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About the Worst New-Year

So I’ll tell you about it. Here’s what happened…

Saturday night I headed out to LAX to pick up Andrew. When I left my house at 9:45, it said his flight was only 6 minutes late. However he didn’t actually land till nearly 10:30. Drove him up to his car and then headed off to the Abbey.

Met up with Hector, Jess and Chiba… Along with all of their respective friends. It was a huge mess. I was trying to talk to all of them at the same time, and just not working out well at all. The Abbey was pretty fun though, etc. After that Chiba and I went out to pizza after. Ended up having 2 randoms from way up north sit with us and chatting. I really like that whenever he and I go out somewhere there are some random people who end up talking to us. It’s very fun. Some cute, but REALLY fem guy came up and started talking to me as well… When he left he said, “Keep on smiling”. Very strange!

Drove back to Chiba’s place after that and we went to bed about 5am. I woke up about 11ish Sunday, all ready to go and do something. But Chiba didn’t wake up till nearly 2pm. By that time it was too late to do the things that I had wanted to do Sunday, so we ended up just going out to dinner and then back to his place and watching Harry Potter. He started getting ready to go at 8pm.. We didn’t leave till 10pm. He seriously changed like 3 times. I was very annoyed by the time we left. We called this place called Geisha House and made reservations for 11pm. Get there, and have to wait 15 minutes in line…. JUST to get to the front desk to tell them we have reservations. Then come to find out, they are still seating people who had reservations at 9:45pm!! HELLO! Why did they not fucking tell us that when we called!?

So we left, and went over to his friend’s house. It was like 11:30 when we get there, and I’m pissed. They just stand around talking, and we leave like 10 till midnight to get to the Abbey. NO WAY. So I spent my new years in a fucking car. SO ANNOYING.

Douglas, the other guy in the car. Said “what’s the big deal”. Exucse me, the WHOLE deal about new years is the 10 seconds before and the 20 seconds after midnight. The count down and then the celebration. GOD I was so fucking annoyed.

So we get to the abbey and I decide to have a drink… 151 and coke. Normally these come in a short glass.. This guy gave me a BIG glass. I was so drunk. And I HATED that feeling as well, god no more drinking! After while at the Abbey, Douglas and Phil wanted to go to Mickey’s, which I have only heard horrible things about. And since I hadn’t eaten since 2pm. I was starving. So Mayko and I went to the pizza place again. And again we ended up talking to random people. I had to pee after that, so Mayko went off to meet up with them and I stood in line for what felt like an hour to pee. Went down to meet up with them and some guy at a stop light grabbed my arm and wanted to talk with me. Very random!

Got down to Mickey’s and they are walking towards me, saying they are ready to leave. I feel like that was my fault because I bitched about going there. I didn’t want to make them leave if they didn’t want too. Anyways, so on the ride home, Mayko and I start talking and all of a sudden he says, “I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now”

UGH! WHY does this always fucking happen to me. God damnit. So we get back to his house at like 3:30am. I’m still pretty damn drunk. But I’m sure not going to stay at his house now. So I walk out and drive home. Got there about 4:30am and went to bed.


Me: So what after all baby this and baby that. You have nothing to say? What were you just trying to fuck me? You really hurt me, i liked you a lot.

Mayko: I need more time to think. I am sure that I did the mistake to treat you as a boyfriend because you are always very nice. But I don’t know if i could handle it right now.

Me: You hurt me a lot.

Mayko: Chris Please, that wasn’t my intention don’t want to make you feel like that. I gues we should have done this converstaion before.

Me: We did.

Mayko: About relationship?

Me: Yes, the first week we hung out. I asked you what you were looking for.

Mayko: Did You get home safe?

Me: Does it Matter… I wish this didn’t happen. I liked you a lot.

Mayko: Chris I like you too but I need more time to think if we could start a relationship right now.

Me: Fine, I guess. But I am very hurt. I guess we should have talked about it more then once.

Mayko (NEXT DAY): Chris are you ok? How are you?

Me: No, I am not. I am a very sensitive person.

Mayko: I am feeling so bad.

Me: I am sorry you feel that way, but you need to make the right decision, not just an emotional one. So think about what you want please.

Mayko: I am feeling more bad because you are such a nice person for me!


So we talked some more on Monday, but nothing really productive. So yeah, new year starts off with me getting dumped! UGH.

In other news. I couldn’t sleep this morning, so I came into the office about 4am.. Also last year, I received 31,985 emails, that I KEPT! I averaged over 250 e-mails a day in all kinds of things. But I only kept an average of 88 per day.

My new years resolution? 1) Layoff the men. 2) Go back to school.


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