Note: Pics from the weekend

Oh, my.

First, drunk blogging is not a good idea. The computer should be TAKEN away from me when I am drunk!

Ok, so Saturday, I Spent the day alone in my apartment being very depressed and shit. Watched TV and laid on my couch in my underwear.

Austin finially called like 5ish and asked if I wanted to go to HM, I said I didn’t really feel like going out, but he talked me into it. So I decided to have a glass or two of wine before going so that it would be cheaper to drink once there. So over the two hour period of waiting for him to get there, I have the two glasses of wine and get VERY VERY drunk…

Ended up on my bathroom floor even before he got there. Thankfully he was smart enough to let himself in he took care of me for a few hours while I was throwing up, made me a hot dog and got me water, etc. So very kind of him. Though he was pretty mad at me for ruining his night. I felt so bad too, because I really did want to go out after the inital talking me into it. I think it would have been good. He left somewhere in there and I went to bed and slept till 5am when I got up and wrote him a note and then went back to bed till 9 when he called asking me about computer questions.

Oh, saturday I was out driving to the store and decided it was time to take the damn international calling off my cell phone, so I called up verizon and they have this damn automated system and it asks you for your billing zip code, while no matter what zip code I entered the damn thing WOULD NOT WORK! So when I finially got through to a woman I flipped out on her. I was so pissed. lol

Anyways, back to Sunday… Got up and went over to Austin’s about 10:30ish and we worked on his computer for a few hours. He’s trying to get Mac OSx86 installed on his computer, since you can supposedly do that. 🙂 Anyways, we got things going and then the HD that I gave him crapped out. So I’ve got to find him another one.

Once we got bored with that it was off to Oceanside to go shopping and to gamble some. We got down there and went to this big mall and got food. He had Sushi and I got some Chicken stuff. But I tried his sushi and it was pretty good really. So I’ll have to try more of it. Once we were done with food we walked around some and couldn’t find any stores that we liked so then we went car shopping. Which is always fun! 😀

Drove up north a bit to this little casino called Oceans Eleven, but Austin thought there was a bigger one around, so we drove some more and ended up back in San Clemente, so we never did get a chance to gamble, oh well. Drove around the beach some and then went back to his house. Basically spent the rest of the night there hanging out.

We watched Sword in the Stone, a movie I haven’t seen in FOREVER! I love that movie, but who knew it was so educatinal! lol. I went to the beach and watched the Sunset while Austin stayed at his house and rested. After that I went back to his place and we played cards and watched the normal sunday night line-up. IE, Simpsons, etc. 😀

We also went up to Baskin Robbins in there and got ice cream. It was so yummy!

As I was getting ready to leave he said, “Would you like your gift”. And honestly, I was completly floored that he would have gotten me anything! It was so kind and thoughtful of him. So he handed me this little box and I opened it and there’s this cute ass little ninja bobble-head thing. It’s so adorable! It has a special place on my desk. 😀

He finds out today if he gets the job in DC or not. I think I’m about as excited as he is to find out. It’ll really suck if he has to move. :'( He’s got another interview today at 1 and we are going out to lunch after that. Then tonight we are going to dinner with Robert and his bf.

Which brings up a point… There seems to be LOTS of confusion out there in internet land as to the standing of people in my life! I am NOT dating anyone. And I haven’t been dating anyone since Last May! Sure there are two obvious people in my life who I would like to be dating, but neither of them want anything like that out of me, which is perfectly fine. They have been making great friends. But you all mght be saying, “Damnit, Cj B, you spend so much time with these people and you cuddle in bed and sleep together, what the hell is that then?”… Well you should realize that when I’m not in a relationship, I always keep one friend who I’m extremely close too, someone I cuddle with, sleep with, etc. Jenkins was that friend back in Iowa… and Austin/Blake are those friends here now. Although, Jenkins and I did more then either Austin or Blake have done. haha.

But on the same topic, Austin hasn’t spent the night since Thursday when he flew back in from Oakland… Kinda sad really. 🙁 I was hoping that he would have spent the night some this weekend. But oh well. His mother flys in tomorrow, so I probably won’t be hanging out with him much this week.

Oh, also at least this year one set of Grandparents remembered to call me on my birthday! So Yay for that at least. 🙂

Overall, it didn’t turn out as badly as most. It was nice to have Austin around to hang out with and stuff. Even though I’ve known him less then a month. I’m really gonna miss that boy if he moves away.

Adios Y’all.

2 thoughts on “B-day”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday.

    The pictures on the 4th page with the sun going down are beautiful looking. I always love a good sunset and enjoy seeing the moon big as ever in the night sky.

  2. Yeah, I always love a nice sunset too.. I just wish Austin would have come with me and watched it! It was so pretty.

    I have to say I do enjoy that about living here, you don’t get such a amazing sunsets in Iowa. Though we do get some good ones!

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