I fucking love mary tyelr mooore, and fick van dyke!

thy are an amazng coule

i hat emy brithday! it alwayus make me sad and depresseseses

i’ve had two bg glasseses of whine now.

i wish JJ livedf close we so could date. he’s so amazing, since austy and blay donest want to date me. jenks does watn to date me. i’d love to date him

im so pisseses ate andeerw right now. he’s so annoyan and has only taken advanteave odf me.

14 thoughts on “MTM”

  1. looking at your spelling, it seems you’ve had 2 glasses of wine too many. =\

    anyway i try not to focus on the depressing side of birthdays. this year i’m looking forward to… well.. umm.. nothing. sigh…

    oh yeah, Happy Birthday!

  2. OMG, can anyone say…”DRUNKO!”

    I’d like to appologize to all my readers.

    And I’d REALLY like to appologize to Austy. Thanks for taking care of me last night.

  3. Drinking and blogging-once step worse than drinking and driving.

    Happy Birthday one day late because I’m never on time!

  4. Happy birthday!

    Chris, chris, chris.

    Apologies for any damages made by my message last night. I was calling to ask for directions 🙂

    The garden is the paradise. MMMMMMMMM.

    Can’t wait to go again.

    Next time we’ll go together.

    Love you!

  5. Beak! You and everyone else always gets it wrong! It’s on the 22nd! So you are on time!


    Oksy: No problem about the messages.. I was tempted to answer, but was busy throwing up. lol. The Garden is fun! We should go next time I am back in Iowa!

  6. 1. happy birthday!

    2. i would date you, if you liked me like THAT and i was a boy of course 🙂

    3. i cant wait to see you in like a month or so (ok, 6 weeks)!

    4. cheer up buttercup – boys are LAME-O!

  7. 1. Thanks!

    2. Awww, thanks! When’s the operation?

    3. Yay! I can’t wait either, have you found things to do yet? Hopefully austin is still living here, we can go crash out at his beach house!

    4. I know boys are lame-o, but I still want one… Maybe if I could do random sex, it would be easier to live without them! lol.

  8. Damn it man-why weren’t you born on the day that’s stuck in my head. Get with the program!

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