Holidays are a comin’

Well, one week exactly till T-day. Blah! I’m already getting very depressed about it because I’m going to be spending the whole four day weekend alone. I haven’t decided yet if I want to actually go to all the work of cooking shit for myself or just be boring and not do anything.

Yesterday was an alright day, we had a 2 hour meeting which was nice cause it wasted my day. lol. Other then that I spent the day investigating sites that no one knew about… Finding out where they are located, why they were created, when they were last used, so on and so forth. Very boring shit

I was listening to a pod cast the other day and they mentioned this band: Steadman I downloaded all the music they have on the website (like 150 songs) and I’m really enjoying it. I’m listening to “Live in There” which is a live set 44 minutes long. I just heard a song that I really love by them, but they sadly didn’t mention what the name was! I hate that. Damnit. Anyways.

I went to bed about 6:30 last night because I was so damn tired. I dunno what’s wrong with me. Blah!

Back to the topic of holidays, I’ve been contemplating how much I want to decorate for Christmas. I really don’t feel like putting all the energy into it because there will be no one there to share it with, but at the same time I’m thinking it might help make me happier. Who knows.

I’m out.

Edit:// I meant to post this too: Very funny.. Thanks Blake.

6 thoughts on “Holidays are a comin’”

  1. Maybe you still have “jet lag” or whatever they call it?

    I think you should put something up at least for Christmas. It will at least put you in the spirit of things. You don’t have anyone that you can spend these holidays with? Even if it just to spend a couple of hours with someone like going to a movie or something like that?

  2. I could have a little jeg lag, true…

    I’m going to put up at least a tree… In fact my tree is still decorated from last year. I just have to pull it out of the garbage bag that it’s in. 🙂 It’s just the putting up any other shit.

    And yeah, everyone I know has to spend the weekend with family. 🙁

    There’s one person who I really wish I could see, but alas, his mother is a prison gaurd.

  3. Well we are related to Hitler, so i guess thats where she gets her “mean.” Even though i want to see you before Christmas…But someone if flying home and not taking me with them

  4. I always suspect my family is related to hitler… Because no one will tell us our family history!

    I swear, every year my Gma and GG get those “family history” books to fill out, but they never do.. and when we ask they never know!

    And I told you you can come, you just don’t want too! I’d even buy your ticket! 😛

  5. i vote for decorate. i have all my christmas decorations up, as i have

    for a week or so and i am loving it. maybe it will make you happy too!

    and i love the little computer man.

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