No London

I just got an e-mail from andrew saying that he won’t be in london next week.. but instead paris.

I cried because I was so looking forward to next week when he’d be able to call me and we could talk. It’s been SO LONG since we’ve been able to talk. I just want to hear his voice again.

I miss him so much.

I went to bed at 10 last night. Stephen pissed me off, and as everyone knows once I’m pissed off, there’s no turning it around. So I opted not to go out with him and to go to bed instead.

I’m such a looser.

And everyone said it was too hot to go to the beach yetsterday. What the hell is that shit. It’s never TOO HOT to go to the beach! Dumasses.

I’ve been there and back already this morning.

I miss Andrew. 🙁

2 thoughts on “No London”

  1. OC boys are stupid…all but you…I go on a nike ride here in Bakersfield and it is 107 outside. Stupid Stephen also…you need to move up here with me so we can hang out all of the time…Or your deck is always open unless you have rented that out already…well i am going to Fresno tofay to do a little shopping…i will be back tomorrow…miss talking to you

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