My Life

Man Oh Man

So yeah, things are going pretty good… Lots of long nights lately with the whole project shit going on. Girl did her part all wrong, and didn’t show up for more meetings. Excuses again. Got it all fixed.

Put together the presentation along with slide design tonight. It looks damn good if I do say so myself.

Started moving offices today. I must finish that tomorrow.

I’m going to set it up the way that I want it. It’s very annoying with Nazanin standing there constantly being like, “Well this should go here, and that there.” It’s like….

“THIS ISN’T YOUR OFFICE, let us set it up the way WE WANT IT!”

We’re the ones to have to use it every day. Not her.


Anyways, I’m sore and tired and a bit grouchy and depressed…

So I’m off to bed.

Lateers all.

Edit:// If you’d like to see our paper and parts of the presentation, go read it here.

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