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No Party?!

So the last couple days have been very stressful for me and I’ve been getting very annoyed with like everything and anything. Andrew found that out the hard way last night.

Yesterday our group met and got everything together for the presentation. Which looks really cool thanks to me! I also printed out the paper, on very nice paper and added some graphics to it. So it’s really cool now too! I have to have it bound tomorrow sometime.

We also moved into the new office. Tuesday Nazanin and gang were all in a meeting all morning, so I got EVERYTHINg moved by myself and set it all up the way that I wanted it. So it’s really pretty now. Though it really looks like Mission Control in here now. lol

Went and bought my cap and gown today for graduation. Good times. It cost like $30, because I got a few other things.

Today went just about as bad as yesterday. I’m still very stressed and short tempered. My MIS group is going to hell quickly. Some of the groups went today… We haven’t even STARTED our project yet. We meet Sunday at 1 to do it.

I’m finally starting my training at job number 2. That’s Monday at 5pm-10pm. Should be fairly easy shit.

Well not much else going on. Sorry all my updates have been shit, but that’s the way tI feel.

Laters all.

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