Look it’s… Oh, nevermind

So this weekend was great, in between all the drama.

Friday night, Andrew, Mike, and Dustin came over to my house and we watched Queer as Folk, the british version. They didn’t like it. But it was still fun times. We also went up to Papa’s to eat and there were random people there that I knew, and Andrew was bieng loud, but it was still fun. Adam showed up later and everyone else left. Adam and I went hot-tubbing and just sat around. It was really nice.

Saturday I went out with my mom to get my dad a b-day gift. The malls were packed and there were LOTS of stupid people out driving. I’m glad most of them stay home during the rest of the year. I just wish that more of the hot bois would come out. Anyways, we got him a really SWEET digital camera. It’s a Canon G3

After we got back, I called Beak and she came over to my house. We went to Menards and got my PU’s christmas presents and then we went to eat. After that we went off to Chili’s to meet up with Adam. From there we went Downtown and met up with Andrew, Dustin, Mike and people.

It was lots of fun, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed Beak.

Mike was being a total ass. Whenever someone else that he knew came in, he’d just get up and leave, and act like we didn’t even exist. Then later that night, after Mike had already left, we decided that we wanted to go to Perkins. We get there and see Mike sitting in a booth with Jenny, and some other boy. As soon as he sees us, he gave us this evil look and sank down into the booth. We, thinking we’re his friends, all went over to say Hi, and he was just like “What are you doind here.” As if, it were his own private party. He just really pissed me off.

He can either be our friends, or not be our friends, but you can’t just sometimes like us, and sometimes not. Whatever. Right now, I couldn’t care less if I ever see him again, he’s been just a lier lately.

Sunday was alright, though I fucked up my contacts somehow, so I had to throw them away. I couldn’t see anything all day. Adam got off work about 2:30, came and picked me up and then we went off to Ames to get my glasses. After that we went too pick up his mom to drop her off somewhere, and then we went to meet up with Andrew at the drag show. That was fun, although I was tired, felt like shit, looked like shit, and just generally wanted to go home and sit in my apartmetn and do nothing.

Anyways, Adam and I left there about 7:45 and went home. Thank God.

There was alot of other drama throughout the weekend, but I’m going to leave that all out. If those people want to talk about it, they can write it in thier journals.

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