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It’s fucking cold outside, in case you hadn’t been there lately. I must get a heavier coat. Or I shall freeze to death one of these days waiting for the bus.

Yesterday was a VERY VERY long day. Rarr at all of that shit. I left my house at 7, and didn’t get back there tell 10:30. I was very pissed by the time the day was over.

First I had class, then work. Where I got alot done. I figured out how to get OpenBSD to use MD5 instead of blowfish encryption for the passwords, then I got SMTP Auth to authorize people to send things, but it still won’t actually let people send stuff, it’s denying the relay. Which is uber annoying. But if I let it really things, then it lets EVERYONE relay, even if they havn’t authenticated. I tried explaining this to Nazanin and she was like “I don’t get it.” lol. I was amused. Mostly cause I don’t get it either. The next step, after I get it to relay ANYTHING that’s authorized and not EVERYTHING is to get it to use the OpenBSD master.passwd file which is now in MD5. However to do that, it seems that when you authenticate you have to use MD5, which right now, only Kmail, and Evolution support. Everyone at works is using Outlook and Eudora, which only supports plain. Which would then force us to use a TSL or SSL connection to the e-mail server, which is what I want to make them do. But I don’t want to have to store passwords on the system in Plain text.

Quick example….
Password in PLAIN is stored as:
Password in CRAM-MD5 is stored as:
Password in Blowfish is stored as:
(All passwords equate to “thisisatestp@sswd”)

Obviously Blowfish is stronger encyrption, but pretty much nothing uses it expect for *BSD’s from what I’ve found. MD5 is FAR better then PLAIN, but not as good as Blowfish. Again thgouh, hardly anyone supports it.

What I’d really like to do is get SMTP Auth to accept the PLAIN passwords over an TSL (Already enabled) or SSL (Not yet enabled) connection and then check it against the MD5 passwords that are in the master.passwd file of the local machine. What I’m thinking MIGHT have to be done though is NIS, or a Kerbos authentication of somesort. So we’ll see how it all plays out.

Ok, after all that then, I came back to campus about 6:00 and met with my group to work on our project which is due today. We worked on that tell almost ten… I’m sure we would have been here later, but we all had buses to catch, that went by about 9:49ish. I was so very annoyed though with them all cause they didn’t have a clue what was going on and a couple of my group memeber have no clue how C# works. I don’t think they’ve done any programming, or even looked at the book this semester. Rarr. So yeah, that took FOREVER.

Adam was supposed to come up and show me his car. I told him that I had NO idea what time I’d be back to my apartment and that it’d probably be late… So when it was infact LATE he calls and leave a very mad sounding message on my Voicemail. I call him back and he sounds pissed again, so I get pissed cause he’s got no reason to get pissed cause I told him that it’d be late and that there probably wouldn’t be a chance for him to come up at all. As I was talking to him, at the MOTHER FUCKING COLD bus stop, Vero came up. And I was all excited. So I finished talking to Adam, and he seemed to be more upset, and I was more upset.

I talked to Vero which was fun cause I haven’t seen her in like FOREVER! We talked about school and other random shit… It was good to see her.

The bus FINALLY showed up at 9:49.. I could have sworn the thing said 9:39 when I left, but whatever. So we got on and she rode to those tower things, that aren’t towers. And I rode to the Commuter Lot. Where, after sitting for only 4 hours, my car had FROST on the windows. So I had to scrape it off. Rarr.

I got home about 10:30, ate and went to bed… Still FROZEN from having to stand and wait for the damn bus.

This morning came far to quickly. I got up again at 6:30, and went to class at 7. Todays the last day for that class, so next week I don’t have to get up until 10 on Monday and 11 on Friday. So that’s cool. I still have to be up at 8 on Wed though cause I’ve got other stuff to do.

I also started reading this book that I want, (from the preview pages on They had the first 14 pages, and it seems REALLY fucking good. In the first 14 pages, I was almost crying my eyes out, and if I hadn’t been in a computer lab, I probably would have been crying. The book is called “A Boy I Once Knew: What a Teacher Learned from Her Student.” Really good book!

Now I’m in the computer lab, freezing to death cause I swear they feel the need to refrigerate this place… I’m going to finish this and go warm up my hands b sticking them under some cold water. Laters All!

PS: Go get me something on Amazon!!!! lol

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I think you forgot to mention the IM I sent you, reassuring you I wasn’t upset, and I was concerned. I assured you I was fine, and discussed our plans for tonight…you forgot that I apoligised. I’m sorry you had a bad day, but don’t make it look like I made it that much worse.

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