My Life

Short Days

So the next couple days are going to be nice… Once I get all my projects done.

Today I had class from 8-8:10 cause we only did evaluations, then I have class from 12-12:10, cause I’m going to pick up my test that we had yesterday and then leave.

Tomorrow is more of the same, class from 8-8:10, to turn in a project, then go to the computer lab to do my stat project, and then class from 2-3. Good times. After I get that stat project done, I can pretty much leave. But I’m going to go to all the review sessions on Friday, which means that I’ve only got class from 1-3 Friday. Yay!

Adam randomly stopped by my apartment yesterday that was nice of him. I was kinda surprised to see him, but it was nice.

I have an 8 page paper due tomorrow and I only have 6 pages of it done… Must get to work…

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