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Grrr at Stat class. I’m working on the project, and it’s about done, but I have to do a 95% confidence interval. And I REALLY don’t want to do that… Only cause the formulas far to annoying for me to care.

Does everyone like the new picture, it’s by a guy named Steven Walker. If you click on it it’ll take you to his website. He’s got a lot of REALLY nice things.

Anyway, go buy me something. I have to get back to work.

The guestbook section now works. So everyone go sign it again! Cause I lost what was in there before, opps.

And you, yeah YOU! The guy from go sign it and tell me who you are! It’s sweet that someone from IBM, and someone from are coming here!

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I rule over all at confidence intervals! seriously. it’s all I’ve done in stat for the past semester.

this is probably too late to help you. oops!

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