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So.. Well this is the THIRD post that I’ve written today… And as you can tell, none of the other’s have actually posted… FUCKERS! Every computer that I’ve used has died just as I was getting to the end of the post. The first one was like 2 pages long… And then Netscape died. The second one was an abriged version of the first one. When I went to hit “Blog This!” IE decided that it couldn’t find the page to post it too. Fucker. So I lost that one. And then the third time, the whole fucking computer up and shit on me. RARR! So this one better fucking work!

So Friday was good, we went out and did stuff with a hell of alot of gay people… There were also alot of new gay people, who were cute. However, not the nicest people ever. Well at least in my encounters with them they haven’t been. But anyway, Friday was TONS of fun…

That night Adam and I went back to my Apartment and spent the night hanging out… Well actually we were way to tired to do anything, so we went str8 to bed once we got back, but it’s still nice to have him there.. That place gets so lonely at night.

Saturday we got up bright and early and headed back to Ankeny for a garge sale thing. I wanted to buy a Mac, but they only had old 5260/100’s and older machines. I was hoping for at least an original IMac or something, but nope. So we didn’t get anything. From there we went back to Adam’s house and he called his mom to see what we were doing. She said that she couldn’t get a hold of the guy to find out what we needed to until “later.” Adam assumed that would mean like 1 or so. So we said alright… What to do now. We decided to go see Andrew at work and get one of his 6 foot subs for $3.50 that he swore up and down they were going to have. When Adam called him mom to tell her to call him on his cell phone when she found out what to we were going to do she essentialy flipped. So we went there instead and started picking up trash and the like. It was fun working there. Although I have a HUGE blister that popped now on my thumb. It really hurts to even get water in it! Ouch!

After we were done working there we went back to Adam’s and showered and then went off and did random things. After a while we met up with Andrew downtown. It looked as if was just going to be us three that night.. But people eventually started showing up and everyone from Friday night was there again. It was much fun and I’m enjoying myself alot more. I’m starting to feel at ease with them all. Andrew, Adam and I had a hilarious talk about dildos and the like. That was great and Mike and Andrew both molested me. Ha, it was great.

We also ran into Julian and Dean downtown. It was good to see them again. We really should hang out with them sometime, it’s been so long since we did that… Perhaps another road trip somewhere would be in order! lol. But anyway, they’re going to the Cher concert. I really want to go to the Cher concert.

After we left downtown, I took Adam home and then went home myself. I told him that I’d probably sleep in really late, so not to expect me anytime in the early morning.

Sunday morning however, was I in for a surprise. My family decided that they wanted to rip half the house off, in the early morning FREEZING hours. I had to get up and help them tear out the fireplace cause they’re getting a new one tomorrow. So my dad took all the siding and stuff off the outside wall of the chimney and we had to push the fireplace out from the inside. We now have a large picture window where there once was a fireplace, and that made the house VERY cold all fucking day.

It was kinda cute though cause like 10 seconds after we had the opening and the old fireplace out of the way, Gordy jumped up onto the platform and walked right into the house as if that doorway had always been there. lol. Perhaps I’ll get pictures once we get them developed.

Oh, that’s another thing, Andrew and I were twins on Saturday night, I really wished I had taken my camera with us. It would have been great!

But anyways, after we were done with the fireplace work, I called Adam and he was still in bed. So that was cool, cause I told him that I’d probably sleep in late. He called me though about 12 and said that his dad had called and he had to go have lunch with him. He said he’d be back around 3. So I was annoyed much by this, but was ok. I wasn’t annoyed at Adam, but the fact that his dad feels he can just call after a month of not talking to them, and expect Adam to drop everything he was doing to go have lunch. Perhaps if he wanted to have lunch, he could have made plans to do so, but I was expecting to have that time, and to not have to sit around and wait for him to show up.

So 3’o clock hit and Adam still hadn’t called me. I said alright. If I haven’t heard from him in 30 minutes, I’m going back to Ames, and thus, the pissed off mood set in. So I sat there, with both phones in my hand, waiting for them to ring. 3:30 approached and I was in the process of dialing Adam’s cell phone when my cell phone rang. It was him, saying that he was just leaving his dad’s house and that he’d be home in 20 minutes. I said fine. That I’d meet him there. He called back about 5 minutes later, just as I was gettin ready to leave and said that he’d just meet me at my house, and that we could go to Saylorville. I said alright.

About 10 to 4 he called from his house and said that he had to go to Wal-Mart, and get the pictures that we took last weekend. I said alright. But was oh so pissed by then. About 4:15 he still wasn’t there, so I called him ready to tell him to just turn around and go back home, that I was going back to Ames. He said that he was like 2 seconds from my house, so I said alright.

He got there and I tried to be friendly as I could, we sat on the front porch and talked about the pictures and his visit with his dad. From there we went to Big Creek and walked around. It was nice to just hang out and stuff, although he was more interested in the damn trees then he was with me trying to be semi-romantic (arm around while walking, etc.). After that we were heading to Saylorville when we drove past the pizza place in PC. He offered to buy pizza so we stopped there and ate supper. I love thier pizza. We sat in there and I reminiced (sp) about how it used to be my dad’s store, etc.

It was hard to hold back the tears as I sat there and told him exactly where everything was supposed to have been, the early mornings that I worked there, starting when I was like 10. The dreams that I had had, hoping to get the store when I “grew up.” Sunday night was the first time I’d ever been in there since he closed, and it was hard. It’s hard for me now to not scream at the ass hole for closing it, because it was so much a part of me. Even though it is really just a stupid store, it was a part of me, because he bought it the same year that I was born. It just really meant alot to me.

I understand why he closed it though, because of the way that people in PC are. They just don’t beleive in supporting local businesses, sure we may have been a bit more expensive then Dalh’s of Hy-Vee, but we were there in town, we offered fresh produce, we got fresh meat nearly every day, and cut it in house. We’d cut it how you wanted it. But people in PC just like to complain. They complained when we had the store, and they complained when we closed it. Because they said “It was such a great thing for the town.” Yet when it was there, they just didn’t want to support it. Fuckers.

After pizza we departed our ways and I came back to Ames, I really didn’t want to though. I just wanted to hang out with Adam for a little longer. Oh well.

Today’s the first day of the fourth week of classes. It’s semi-exciting. The first round of tests are coming up. All on Wednesday. So I’m going to spend tonight studying. I’ll probaly stay on campus tell like 5 at least. Perhaps 6ish. Cause I just can’t study at home. Too many other things to do there. I can’t wait tell this semsters over though, just far to much stress. Rarr!

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