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So yeah, it’s raining outside.. No, it’s not _just_ raining outside, it’s RAINING outside. And I like it. All the hot bois in their tight little shirts, all wet and delisious… Umm, yeah!

So first test of the semster is over, it went pretty good, I think I should do well on it. The second test starts in 2 hours. So I’m going to go study once I’m done with this post.

We also got our first papers back in Engl and Relig today, I got a C+ on the Engl paper, but that’s alright considering he said the highest anyone got was a B, that would put me right about a B+ with the curve. The Relig paper though, didn’t go near as well. Yeah.. Not going there.

So yesterday at work Andy and I discussed going to Grad school. I think I may look into it. I mean, I’d like to, but there’s the funding and all that stuff. Yeah.

So I wonder what Adam’s doing today, he was supposed to work at Budget, but with the rain and all, I wonder if his mom still made him go?

I went to the Club Fest today, soooo very nice. I wish I could just sit in the entry way and watch all the hot bois go by… Adam really should have come up here today, if it weren’t for those damn inconsiderate teachers and their tests today.

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