Nov 29, 2001

Nov 29, [Bob Seger, "We’ve Got Tonight"]

I got Redhat 7.2 burned today, so I’m installing that now. I still want

to get SuSe 7.3 but I can only find 7.1 ISO’s and I don’t want to download

all the RPM’s for it. Grrr at that. Oh well. Redhat’s nice. And that’s what

we use at work, so I’m used to it.

Not much has really been going on today. I took a quiz in Accounting and

Math today, and they both sucks ass. I’m going to have to really study for

the finals. Speaking of finals I got my schedule all figured out for that.

I’ve got two finals Tuesday, two on Wednesday, and one Friday morning. So

I figure I’ll come back Monday night, stay here Mon, Tues nights and then

go home after my final on Wed then come back up here for the final Friday

morning. I think it’ll work. Cause my biggest finals are on Tues, Wed and

the final on Fri is for English, I mean, what is she really going to test

us over? So yeah, that way I’ll have all day Monday, and Tuesday to study.

Good times. One thing that really sucks though is that I’ve got two finals

at 7:30 AM. Grrrr.

Adam learned of my BIGGEST annoyance last night. When he saw that I was

useing Greymatter now for my site, he goes "Julian Copier." The

thing that pisses me off most is to be called a copier, or a cheater, or

a lier, or something like that. So I went off on him about that. He appoligized

though, so it’s all good. We actually had a really long talk about alot

of things last night and it was good. I mean, we made some progress but

both he and I know there’s alot more that we have to talk about. Oh well,

we’ll get it.

Angels’ soon to return with Matt, that should be cool to finally get a

chance to meet him.

The Loop: Speaking of the holidays. My mom said that I could have a party

at our house over Christmas break. So I’m offering my house for a New Years

Party, e-mail me if that sounds cool, or, I’ll talk to everyone about it,

but before I forget here it is in writting. I figure we could watch movies

and shit, and people could stay over if they want. (We need to get the mailing

list back going).

Oh, so I went into work today, and was in my office working on some things

that I had to finish. Well the auditors are here this week and Nazanin came

in and was like, "We need the specs on every computer in the building

by noon today." Well it was already 10, and specs include:

  • CPU Speed
  • OS
  • # of Hd’s
  • Capacity on HD’s
  • What’s being backed up on the HD’s
  • Serial Numbers
  • Purchase Date
  • Location in the office
  • The computers name
  • The Manufature

So yeah, we’ve got like 50 machines in the building including Dec, SGI’s,

Win Boxes, Linux Boxes, Servers. And it’s like damnit Nazanin, you should

have told me about this Tuesday so I could have worked on it. So yeah, I

scurried around the office and got it all to them by 11:45. I was proud

of myself. lol

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