My Life

June 28, 2001

june 28, [alanis morissette, "mary jane"] omg tonight’s been so

great. ang called here about 7, i was in the shower so my parents took a message

and came and got me out of the shower, i called her as i was getting dressed

and she was like, wanna come to church with me, and i was like, "ok"

thinking: ‘as long as i get to see adam’ lol. but yeah, i went there, it was

damn boring, just like church. some guy was there too and he was like, "lets

pray for our president" and i was like, hell no. he pissed me off. then

after that ang and i went to adams and picked him up. that was cool. then

we came back to my house and watched a movie, i didn’t really watch it that

much. i was more interested on what was on the couch next to me, ohh yeah.

adam is so cute. sooooooo cute. lol. i’ll have to see if ang can get a pic

of him or something. but ok, well ang had to go home at 11 cause her mom was

being a bitch, so after that adam and i went to the loop. that was cool ass

shit. we hung around there, lots of cute guys, but all way to femm for me.

there was this drag queen there that adam knows and he was hanging all over

adam and i was like, yeah, let me hang all over him for a while. but oh, i

did get to hold adam’s hand for a while, i was in heaven. lol. but adam and

i talked a while and had a nice conversation about stuff. it’s all cool. damn

he’s soooooooo cute and so nice too. i need a bf, i need one NOW.

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